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Don’t think that the SAT is for high school kids alone. Plenty of adults either go back to college or attend for the first time, after starting careers and families. If you’re in this position and have to take the SAT, don’t think that there isn’t SAT test prep for adults.

Are you interested in finally attending college as an adult but are nervous about the SAT? Don’t worry. These basic SAT test prep for adults tips will help you get started.

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sat test prep for adults

See If Your Previous Scores Remain Valid

Have you taken the test before? Check to see if your score still counts.

Both the College Board and ACT keep score records for test administrations going back a few years. If you need a copy of your score, don’t hesitate to contact the organization for a record.

However, if your score is five years old or older, chances are you’ll have to retake the test. If you’re still within that range though and going to school now, don’t hesitate to ask. If so, you can avoid test prep and test dates altogether.

Research Testing Deadlines

Do your research on when schools need your scores.

It’s always possible to take the SAT and then get a rushed score report to your dream schools. But that option presents two problems:

  • The process costs additional money
  • It’s not 100% guaranteed that the schools receive them in time

That’s why you should research when admissions officials need to receive your test scores and plot out test dates accordingly. Give yourself the extra time to study and fulfill requests.

Keep Abreast Of Test Changes

Don’t assume the test is always the same.

Both the SAT and ACT have remained steady since their recent updates over the past few years. However, it’s always possible that minor changes will be made to the test, in order to stay up to date with the time.

The biggest key here is making sure that the study materials you use are up to date too. Don’t use an SAT study book from 2015 or older, for example. Do your research and make sure that the materials you use are the lastest ones available.

Register Early For Test Dates

Pick when you’re taking the test as early as possible.

There are several reasons to register for test dates early:

  • Time to find and verify test administration centers (tests are often administered in community college classrooms)
  • Plenty of time to study and take practice tests
  • Ensuring the College Board enough time to report your scores to schools

The plus side is registered for SAT test dates can be done within minutes on the College Board’s website. Simply pick when you want to take a test, reserve your spot online, and then start studying.

Play To Your Subject Strengths

Use the skills you’ve naturally developed to help with studying.

Did you enjoy math as a kid? Were you good at it but weaker at English? If so, then you have a natural place to start focusing your test prep. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to SAT subject matter.

Better yet, go ahead and take a practice test without any prep whatsoever. You’ll quickly find out which sections and subjects require extensive work. Moreover, you’ll see which sections will present less trouble, so all you’ll need to do is polish up your skills there.

Don’t feel that you’re starting from ground zero; we all have strengths and weaknesses, assess your strengths academically and use them to tailor your studying.

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