ACT Science Practice | 7 Strategies For Test Day Success

act science practice

Every section on the ACT counts, so doing well in the Science section is definitely important to your overall score. Some students worry about the ACT Science section, but you don't have to do so. ACT Science practice isn't too scary when you know what to do. Bearing that in…

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Should I Retake The ACT? | 5 Questions To Ask Yourself First

should i retake the act

Should I retake the ACT? It's not a simple yes or no question, unfortunately. There are a few other questions you need to answer for yourself first. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before answering "should I retake the ACT?" Use these basic ACT hacks to prepare…

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ACT Weekend 2020 Test Dates | Latest Updates

act weekend 2020 test dates

With schools and other educational companies constantly adjusting their timelines, the ACT recently updated its remaining 2020 dates. Have a quick look at the remaining ACT weekend 2020 test dates, as well as preliminary dates for early 2021. ACT Weekend 2020 Latest Test Dates Projected Test Date Registration Deadline Late…

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Top 10 Hardest ACT Math Practice Questions

Hardest ACT Match Questions When it comes to preparing for your future, few things open doors more quickly than high standardized test scores. A great ACT score can mean the difference between getting accepted to your dream school or having to go to college elsewhere, receiving scholarships or taking out…

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Is The ACT Hard? | 6 Factors To Consider

is the act hard

Is the ACT hard? Is it harder than the SAT? We're asked these questions all the time. While the answer is different for every student, here are some factors to consider about the ACT's difficulty. If you do decide on the ACT, here are 25 helpful and quick tips that…

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College ACT Scores | 2020 Latest Updates

college act scores

With the Fall semester coming up for college freshmen, one piece of information you can always use is what college ACT scores to aim for when testing. Here are the latest score ranges for hundreds of schools right now. When it comes to college SAT scores, you should keep an…

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ACT Test Structure In A Nutshell

act test structure

How is the ACT structured? To start breaking the test down and identifying what you need to prepare for, here's the ACT test structure at a glance. Besides knowing how it's structured, it's good to have battle-tested strategies to pull from on your first ACT attempt, and any retakes you…

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How To Prepare For The ACT | 10 Quick Tips

how to prepare for the act

How to prepare for the ACT? Thousands of students ask themselves that question every year. The full answer is expansive, but these eight tips are a great place to start. While going through ACT prep, it's easy to get stressed out as the big day gets close. If that happens,…

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ACT Test Anxiety Strategies

act test anxiety

It's perfectly fine to be nervous about taking the ACT. However, don't let that anxiety sabotage your success. Use these ACT test anxiety strategies to keep yourself positive and focused. Always make sure to take a moment and check out our various SAT prep and ACT prep course options. [act_one]…

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100 ACT Words | Vocabulary To Study

act words

The ACT, just like the SAT, tests your vocabulary. To make life easier, practice using these ACT words that are likely to show up sooner or later. Learn how to prepare for standardized tests with our year-round SAT prep and ACT prep courses today. [act_one] 100 ACT Words That You…

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