Common College Application Myths

It’s easy to make mistakes when applying to colleges, especially multiple ones at the same time. Don’t fall for these college application myths when researching your dream schools. Learn how to prepare for standardized tests with our year-round SAT prep and ACT prep courses today. Be Well-Rounded ‘Well-rounded’ doesn’t help you; passion helps you. The most common myth people talk about when applying to college is being well-rounded. Many students…

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10 Most Common College Freshman Mistakes

College is a culture shock for most freshmen, especially if you’re attending school out-of-state. Mistakes happen when making the transition. There’s no problem with making mistakes, but avoiding them is always better. To make the transition easier for you, pay attention to these 10 common college freshman mistakes before making the move. Getting used to college after high school takes a minute for virtually every freshman. Mistakes happen. Avoid a…

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Most Common College Burnout Signs To Avoid

College burnout is unfortunately very common. At some point in most students’ college careers, the threat of physical and mental exhaustion becomes real. Thankfully, it is avoidable, as long as you recognize the tell-tale college burnout signs. Classwork, exams, balancing studies and work, etc. all tax the average college student’s mind. If you aren’t careful though then burnout will result. Avoid that problem by keeping an eye out for these…

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