Entrepreneurs Have No Idea What They’re Doing

I would classify myself as an entrepreneur. But what does being an entrepreneur really mean? “Entrepreneur” derives from the French word “entreprendre,” which literally means “to undertake.” And that’s exactly what I believe it means to be an entrepreneur. In order to be an entrepreneur, you just have to undertake a venture. This is not the same thing as having an idea. Billions of people have ideas. But only a…

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Go to Business School

I started a business three years before going to business school. The business was successful — doubling revenue ever year since its inception. However, I still wanted to go to business school because I had no formal business education. Many people questioned my decision: “Why do you need to go to business school if you already have a successful business?” or “The best business education is working on your own…

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3 Tips For Launching a Business For Student Entrepreneurs

I launched a test prep business with $900 during my senior year of college that has now generated millions in revenue. However, it was not easy. Most entrepreneurs have the luxury of dedicating all of their time to the business. Unfortunately, student entrepreneurs have to balance class with business. Here are a few tips that will help you be more effective at launching a business while in school. (1) Schedule…

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