Top 1% Classroom | Test Prep Success Begins Early

test prep success

The Prep Expert Classroom Top 1% Tutoring program is designed to help students at every level by offering online private tutoring for over one hundred K-12 academic subjects and tests. Through careful matching of your student with our highly qualified top 1% instructors, customized academic curriculum, and reasonable pricing options,…

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SAT Prep For Sophomores

sat prep for sophomores

We don't recommend taking the SAT earlier than the junior year for many reasons. However, SAT prep for sophomores is something we fully endorse to get the process started. If getting ready for the SAT this early worries you, it's ok; we have a number of SAT stress management tips…

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ACT Prep For Sophomores

act prep for sophomores

Taking the ACT as a sophomore won't help, because you don't have the necessary information yet. But that doesn't mean we're against ACT prep for sophomores altogether. We support ACT prep for sophomores because you can lay the groundwork early for test day success, without having to take the ACT…

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GPA vs SAT Score: Which Is More Important?

gpa vs sat score

GPA vs SAT score, which one is more important? We're frequently asked this question by students sending out college applications. The truth's complicated. GPA vs SAT Score? The truth is both numbers are important in your college applications for very different reasons. Learn how to prepare for standardized tests…

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High School Burnout Signs And Tips

Trying to graduate from high school, getting admitted to college, while spending as much time with friends and family as possible can break down any high school student. As a result, high school burnout is a real condition that affects too many kids today. Don't let your mind and body…

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High School Teacher Vs College Professor

You have to understand what to expect from your instructors when moving from high school to college. There are major differences between a high school teacher vs college professor. Consider the differences between a high school teacher vs college professor, in order to understand what to get used to when…

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The Summer Before College Checklist

The summer before college (between high school graduation and your first college semester) is stuffed with things to do. Don't let that grocery list of tasks stress you out. Use this summer before college checklist to handle any last-second preparations that need to get done before starting school in the…

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High School Transcript Basics To Know

Every college and university will request your high school transcript as part of the application process. Everyone throws that term around but do you know what a 'high school transcript' actually is? So you understand what you're asking for, here are the basics of what a high school transcript is,…

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How To Graduate High School Early

You're probably asking yourself now, "how to graduate high school early?" Just like in college, it's possible to graduate high school early with your diploma. It's not easy because of how much hard work it takes, but it's definitely possible. Here's the basic game plan on how to graduate high…

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Taking A Gap Year After High School

Going straight from high school to college without break is the norm for most students, but it doesn't have to be that way. More and more people take a gap year after high school to relax and accomplish personal goals. Here are a few pertinent pros and cons of taking…

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