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Top 1% Classroom | Test Prep Success Begins Early

The Prep Expert Classroom Top 1% Tutoring program is designed to help students at every level by offering online private tutoring for over one hundred K-12 academic subjects and tests.

Through careful matching of your student with our highly qualified top 1% instructors, customized academic curriculum, and reasonable pricing options, Prep Expert Classroom can help to meet and exceed your student’s goals

Test Prep Success Begins Early On

Prep Expert believes that academic success is the key to standardized tests and beyond.

The stronger your overall academic career is from elementary school through senior year, the easier the test prep will be. That’s why we are now offering private tutoring services for students in grades K-12. The Prep Expert Classroom Top 1% Tutoring program connects students with the top 1% expert tutors at every school stage.

The Prep Expert Difference

Our attention to detail and quality makes the biggest difference.

All Prep Expert tutoring sessions occur between the student and tutor alone. This one-on-one interaction is key to success because it leaves space for the time and question-asking that separates good instruction from great.

Additional students will never be added to your session; your time is between the tutor and yourself alone. Our online private tutors are among the top 1% of worldwide tutors. Their expertise allows for personalized instruction across a wide range of subjects.

Why You Deserve The Top 1%

Our Prep Expert Classroom tutors are among the best in the world.

How do we know that? We’ve taken the time to vet them extensively. Every tutor has scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT or ACT. That’s the first step.

From there, they are trained by Prep Expert Founder and Perfect Scorer, Dr. Shaan Patel in his unique strategies. Every instructor is then further vetted to guarantee that they’re capable of conveying classroom content in a fun, personalized, yet results-driven manner.

Our team has taught tens of thousands of students in a wide range of subjects from elementary through college-level understanding. There’s no limit to their depth or breadth of instruction.

How The Process Works

STEP ONE – Quick Questionnaire

The first, and most important, step is learning as much as we can about your student.

We provide a simple questionnaire that asks a series of questions designed to assess: Their test-taking skills, Their current weaknesses, What they want to ultimately achieve. From there, we can move onto step two.

STEP TWO – Matching Student and Instructor

Using the results of your questionnaire, we then carefully match your student with one of our highly qualified, expert tutors within 5 business days.

This time allows us to review the provided information, assess our own staff’s knowledge and strengths, and make a final assignment. The point isn’t to just pick who’s available. The point is to match your student with a tutor who can naturally deliver the desired results best.

STEP THREE – Create A Custom Roadmap

Once the assignment is made, the next step is planning and execution.

Your student and our assigned tutor will meet weekly for 2-hour sessions. During this time, the tutor’s main goals are:

  • Creating goal-specific roadmaps
  • Teaching and reviewing relevant content
  • Working with your student to assess progress towards goals

These sessions are designed to maximize your student’s one-on-one interactions with our tutor. Ultimately, every session should build both knowledge and confidence.

STEP FOUR – Complete Satisfaction

In addition to tutors, you will also receive dedicated account management.

We will provide you a dedicated tutoring account manager as your main point of contact. Besides acting as an open communication channel, our managers will follow-up with you and your student to ensure complete satisfaction with our efforts.

Your manager is your advocate and will address any issues that slow down progress in this process.

Again, to learn more about how our Prep Expert Classroom tutoring options can help you, or your child, make sure to click here today.

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