How To Ask For A Letter Of Recommendation

Asking for letters of recommendation from your teachers seems like a pretty simple and straightforward task—but there are plenty of things to keep in mind before you ask for letter of recommendation help. Be sure to keep in touch with your favorite teachers, and come application time, be sure to give them plenty of advance notice, and provide them with all the information and materials they need, to write you…

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How to Get a Strong Letter of Recommendation

Need a letter of recommendation for your college applications? Not sure whom to ask, or how? No worries—getting a good letter of recommendation comes down to a few simple steps. For the best possible letter of recommendation, choose a teacher who knows you well and can write something positive about you, and give them all materials they need and plenty of time to write the letter. More advice for getting…

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Top 10 College Admissions, Scholarship, & SAT Prep Secrets

I share some of the best secrets related to college admissions, scholarships, and SAT prep in this free webinar! Watch and learn the following information: [sat_one] Secret #1: How to Raise a Successful High School Student Secret #2: How to Get a Perfect SAT or ACT Score Secret #3: How to Get Into The Ivy League Secret #4: How to Find Easy Scholarships to Win Secret #5: How to Win $100,000+…

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