SAT Prep Hacks In 5 Minutes

If you're not happy with your first SAT attempt, don't sweat it. You'll likely take it again, and improve the second time around. You just need some easy SAT prep hacks. Getting ready for a second attempt at the SAT will be a breeze if you follow our SAT prep…

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Helpful SAT Math Formulas

One of the first things to do when studying for the SAT Math section is committing formulas to memory. If you're not sure where to start, this list will help. Here are 9 SAT math formulas that will help you out when taking the test. Use this list as a…

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Common SAT Math Mistakes

Taking the SAT soon? Not a big Math fan? Dreading being tested on Math on the SAT? If you said "yes" to all three questions, it's ok. You don't have to love Math in order to do well on the SAT Math section. First step: avoid losing easy points by…

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SAT Practice Test Tips For Better Results

SAT test prep isn't studying math equations and various readings alone. An important component is taking frequent practice tests to further discover and refine your weak areas. Use these SAT practice test tips to get the most out of your studying and develop effective habits for test day itself. Learn…

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20 Helpful SAT Test Tips In 5 Minutes

Once again, everybody loves lists. Everybody loves helpful tips. If you're thinking about taking the SAT but have no idea how to start preparing for it...then we've got you covered here with our own SAT test tips. Need a place to start preparing for the SAT? Here then are 20…

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SAT vs ACT Major Differences

After the 2016 SAT redesign, both the SAT and ACT are closer than ever in terms of content and format. However, there are still a few key differences remaining between these two standardized test formats. Here are a few SAT vs ACT major differences to be aware of when considering…

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5 Reasons To Take SAT Subject Tests

Besides the SAT itself, you can also take the SAT Subject Tests. These tests are administered by the College Board. Unlike the regular SAT, SAT Subject Tests focus on specific areas of interest. Here are five reasons to take the SAT Subject Tests. Don't forget to learn about our various…

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SAT No Calculator Tips For Success

Most people you run into don't like doing Math. Of that percentage, even less enjoy doing it without the aid of their trusty calculators. Unfortunately, when taking the SAT, there is a specific set of questions requiring you to do just that. Thankfully, we have the following SAT no calculator…

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Ivy League SAT Scores Comparison

ivy league sat scores

When looking at Ivy League schools and what SAT scores you need to get in, don't worry; you don't have to have a perfect score to gain entry. But it's going to need to be strong. For the purposes of this post, we are going to break down scores across…

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ACT vs SAT Math Differences

act vs sat math

Many people out there don't like dealing with Math more than is absolutely necessary, especially when it comes to tests. Unfortunately, the SAT and ACT will test you thoroughly on a number of Math concepts you need, in order to prove your knowledge and succeed in college. Here are some…

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