SAT Writing Score Breakdown And Criteria

sat writing score

Here is how the SAT Writing score is judged by official readers to determine your final numbers. Here are 5 SAT Writing section hacks that anyone can use to improve their score on test day. How Your SAT Writing Score Is Determined Two different people review score your essay. Each…

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ACT Writing Prompts | Real World Examples

The best way to prepare for the ACT Writing section is getting an idea of what you'll actually face beforehand. To make life easier, here are a number of previous ACT Writing prompts to practice with before test day. Here are some additional ACT Writing section hacks to help prepare…

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ACT Punctuation Tips and Rules | Tricky Punctuation

act punctuation tips and rules

To better ace the ACT English test, here are some handy ACT punctuation tips and rules about three pesky marks that trip students up: colons, semicolons, and dashes. Besides punctuation, here's a handy list of ACT vocabulary works to review that'll reduce any chances of surprise. Three Tricky Punctuation Marks…

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SAT Time Breakdown With Breaks

sat time breakdown with breaks

For any student considering to take the SAT, here's the full SAT time breakdown with breaks that you should use to help your test prep. In addition to how the test timing breaks down, here are some additional SAT test day tips you should know before signing up. SAT Time…

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Do Colleges Prefer SAT or ACT Scores?

do colleges prefer sat or act

The SAT or ACT? Which one should I take? Do colleges prefer SAT or ACT scores? Again, we're asked these questions, a lot. Do colleges prefer SAT or ACT scores? Really, which one do they want more? Don't worry, we're here to answer those questions here. For further reference, here's…

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PSAT vs SAT | Key Similarities and Differences

psat vs sat

So what exactly are the differences between the PSAT vs SAT? Are they basically the same test? Why do they even exist? We're often asked these questions, so let us take a moment to answer them now. Listed below are points about both tests, as well as similarities and differences…

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ACT Timing With Breaks | General Schedule and Extensions

act timing with breaks

On ACT test day, it's helpful to know much time you have to answer each section's questions, and, more importantly when are your breaks. Thankfully, ACT timing with breaks is the same for every major test date. Here is how the ACT timing with breaks works on test day for…

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What Colleges Require SAT Essay Submission

what colleges require sat essay

Everyone knows that, in general, the SAT Essay is an optional section. The College Board doesn't require students to take it. However, some colleges actually do. What colleges require SAT essay scores is good information to have when sending out applications. The tables below clarify what colleges require SAT essay…

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What Does The SAT Measure

what does the sat measure

We talk about the SAT in every dimension, but how about what the entire test measures overall? Today, let's answer in a nutshell, what does the SAT measure from students for moving forward. What does the SAT measure? Let's take a quick look at what it is meant to examine…

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What Does The ACT Measure | Section By Section

what does the act measure

We talk about the ACT, but what is each section supposed to measure from test-takers? Today, let's answer in a nutshell, what does the ACT measure from students. What does the ACT measure? Let's take a quick look at what it is meant to examine in students. Here's the latest…

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