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Podcast: Why Disability and Inability Are Not the Same With Sparsh Shah and Hiren Shah

Sparsh Shah

Sparsh Shah is a prodigy, singer, songwriter, rapper, inspirational speaker, and philanthropist. Sparsh was born with an incurable disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which makes his bones extremely fragile. With more than 140 fractures and multiple rod surgeries, Sparsh cannot bear weight on his hands and legs, walk, or run. But, what he does have is a divine voice and a brilliant mind. Sparsh has won prizes in 9 singing competitions and done over 300 live performances in 9 countries at prestigious venues such as Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, CosmoCaixa Barcelona, and more.

Hiren Shah

Hiren Shah is an award-winning strategic and empathetic transformation leader. He’s highly skilled in strategic leadership, advisory services, management consulting, and business process management. Hiren is Sparsh Shah’s father.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Sparsh Shah talks about his experience in an immigrant family and the challenges with Osteogenesis Imperfecta
  • Sparsh talks about his philanthropic work and what made him decide to become a philanthropist
  • Sparsh’s music career and how Eminem influenced him 
  • Who have been Sparsh’s greatest mentors?
  • What excites Sparsh as a keynote speaker at events like TEDx
  • Sparsh shares his advice to all parents 
  • Sparsh explains how he almost hit a perfect score on SAT with the help of Prep Expert 
  • What’s next for Sparsh?

In this episode…

Is disability inability? Should disabilities define who you are and what you can achieve?

Sparsh Shah says you should have a never say die attitude and take every challenge with the positivity that everything happens for the greater good. Your difficulties should be your biggest victories because people learn the most when they’re struggling the most. Today, Sparsh shares his story of how he overcame all odds to be successful and inspire people to be the best version of themselves. 

In this episode of The Parents of High-Achieving Students Podcast, Tim Prunyi is joined by Sparsh Shah, a prodigy, singer, songwriter, rapper, inspirational speaker, and philanthropist, and his father, Hiren Shah, to discuss Sparsh’s success journey. They discuss some of the challenges Sparsh has been experiencing and how he overcomes them, the importance of having mentors, and his advice to parents and students with disabilities.

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