6 Effective Study Habits When Preparing For The SAT

You have sat down at your desk, with those piles of books and study notes staring back at you. You turn a page, start to read and by line 5 you are lost, your mind thinking about what’s for supper.

This won’t do. You have to focus. You have to get all this information into your head or your SAT exams will be toast!

So, how can one make preparing for the SAT easier? We have a few tricks up our sleeve, on making these all-important pre-entry tests to college that much more doable.


Preparing For The SAT

Before you even embark on that treacherous journey of studying, preparing for the act is paramount. And what we mean by this is actually living and breathing all that encompasses a studious lifestyle.

Tip 1 – Read Read Read

  • You should never get enough of reading.
  • Upping your vocab skills can be the make or break with most things in life.
  • Whether it’s that interview for your first job, that conversation you will have to have with your girlfriend’s father or a SAT exam.
  • Just read everything and anything you can get your hands on.

Tip 2 – Write Write Write

  • We are so used to texting and typing that the physical act of writing with a pen can actually be the tipping point to disaster.
  • Practice writing whenever you get the chance.
  • Be it that love letter to your boyfriend, that sneaky note to your bestie during class or just a “I will be out” note to Mom before going out to visit friends.
  • You will get those hand and finger muscles flexing and bending. And believe me, you will thank us once you actually sit down for that exam.

Taking The SAT

Taking the SAT can be a nerve-racking experience, but if you have taken the time to prepare for the SAT, remind yourself that you have taken every measure you can to succeed on this test. Now simply clear you mind and allow everything you have learned to emerge.

Tip 1 – Preparation is Key

  • It seems like an obvious one, but many don’t prepare ahead of time.
  • Know when your exam date is, plot your workload out into weeks and days.
  • And know that you simply cannot cram it all in over one night.

Tip 2 – Test Yourself

  • Being in the moment of an exam environment, with the quietness, the contactlessness (no that’s not a real word) and the simple use of pen to paper, will do you well as a practice beforehand.
  • Tell your family and friends you will be offline for an hour, at least, that you don’t want to be disturbed and try and simulate the entire episode of that exam day.
  • We have many online SAT Prep Course offerings that can help you mimic that dreaded day.


Tip 3 – Key Words

  • Key words are vital.
  • When it comes to pages and pages of words that you need to somehow retain and then regurgitate, you will find your brain will overflow and feel like it’s going to explode.
  • Learn how to choose the important key words out from segments of text. Not every word is useful.
  • Flashcards are a good way of remembering keywords. Read an entire paragraph and then pull out the words that give that section meaning.

Tip 4 – Say it Out Loud

  • When it comes to learning, the simplest trick can be to say it aloud.
  • Reading words and words inside your head can make you go mad after a time.
  • Take a few pages and read them aloud. Be sure you are alone of course and not holed up in a corner of the library or at the dinner table.
  • One step further could be to record yourself and play this back whilst driving, bathing or when having a quiet moment on your bed. There is something to be said for the spoken word.

Preparing for the SAT need not be a daunting task at all, take a deep breath and remember what you’ve learned.

Good Luck!


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