6 Quotes The Most Successful Students Say Everyday

Succeeding at school doesn’t happen by coincidence. Here are 6 quotes the most successful students say everyday in order to create their own future!

(1) “One Day at a Time.”
High school can get busy. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with AP classes, SAT/ACT exams, sports, and extracurricular activities, successful students take each day as it comes completing as much as they possibly can in one 24-hour period.

(2) “One Task at a Time.”
Multitasking does not work. Trying to complete your English paper while on Facebook chat is a bad idea. Successful students focus on one task at a time.

(3) “I will get an A.”
Academic success is a mindset. Successful students not only believe they will get an A in a class, but they will work tirelessly in order to get it.

(4) “2 Hours For Studying.”
Time management is a key life skill. Blocking out time for studying is essential to achieving high grades. Successful students will make sure that their study time is uninterrupted because they make it a priority.

(5) “My reward will be…”
Working too hard can be unhealthy. Sometimes you need to relax. Successful students block out time to watch Netflix, hang out with friends and do other fun activities.

(6) “My goal is to…”
You cannot work hard if you don’t have a goal. While it’s great that your parents want you to do well in school, this external motivation is not enough. You need to have internal motivation by wanting to do well yourself. Successful students not only know exactly what colleges they want to get into, but they also write down their goals.

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