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Recognizing achievement is why we are taking a moment now to recognize the achievements of a current college student who utilized Prep Expert’s services and has seen success since then.

When it comes to test preparation, so much time and energy go into what happens both before and during the test, that often we can all forget to look back and recognize the success that a high score creates.

Recognizing achievement is why we are taking a moment now to showcase a current college student who utilized Prep Expert’s services and has seen success since then.

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Alanis C. – High School Student Looking For Help

Former student Alanis C. first came to Prep Expert looking to boost her SAT score as much as possible.

Former Prep Expert student Alanis C. first came to us with a 1350 SAT score. While 1350 isn’t a terrible score by any means, Alanis and her parents had faith that she could do better with both time and help. After signing up for one of our signature SAT courses, Alanis worked hard and started to incorporate Shaan’s tips and strategies.

However, those weren’t the only helpful tips that Alanis learned. When asked what the most helpful tips she learned during her time at Prep Expert were, Alanis’ response was simply “…organization and time management.”

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Alanis’ SAT Score Improvement

After taking our course, Alanis saw a significant score improvement that helped her considerably.

After working hard in our course and finally facing the SAT itself again, Alanis finally could enjoy the fruits of her labor with a score of 1520 – an improvement of 170 points! With that new and improved score in hand, Alanis applied to and was accepted by a number of powerhouse schools including Virginia Tech, Boston University, Fordham University, George Mason University, Penn State University.

With so many choices available, Alanis eventually chose to attend Virginia Tech to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering. Helping her pay for that education is an accrued $45,000 in scholarships that the SAT score undoubtedly helped bring in. Moving forward, Alanis’ goal is to become a biomedical engineer and conduct research, in order to help others.

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Alanis’ Advice To Future Prep Expert Students

Alanis has one special piece of advice to any student looking to succeed on any Prep Expert course.

Going back to time management, Alanis wants to leave this piece of advice for anyone starting to prepare for the SAT with Prep Expert, “…set aside at least two hours every day (except Friday!) to work on the homework and practice tests.” Time management is a skill that will not only help you with Prep Expert’s course itself, but also on whichever test you ultimately choose to take, and in life in general.

Alanis is only one example of the many students Prep Expert has worked with over the years that have found success from using our strategies. Do you have your own story to share?

If you would like to let us and the world know how things have gone since working with us, then share your Prep Expert success story at

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Alanis C's Prep Expert Success Story
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Alanis C's Prep Expert Success Story
Recognizing achievement is why we are taking a moment now to showcase a current college student who utilized Prep Expert’s services and has seen success since then.
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Prep Expert
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