Caolinh P’s Prep Expert Success Story

When it comes to test preparation, so much effort is poured into the process that it’s disappointingly easy to forget to reflect and recognize the success of achieving a high score.

That’s why we are taking a minute to showcase the achievement of another recent Prep Expert student who has seen immediate benefits from our services.

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prep expert success story

Meet Prep Expert Success Story Student Caolinh P.

Caolinh wanted to fine-tune the high SAT score he already achieved.

Prep Expert student Caolinh P. first came to us with a 1470 SAT score. 1470 is already a pretty fantastic score, that many other kids would aspire to already. However, Caolinh wanted to score even higher, trying to get to that perfect score and knew that he needed help in fine-tuning her weak spots with the test.

That’s why she and her parents did their research into different test prep companies and, after deliberation, eventually decided to sign up for our signature SAT prep course. After signing up, Caolinh immediately dialed in her focus and began absorbing and practicing Shaan’s various tips.


Caolinh’s Most Helpful Tip

The tips that helped Caolinh out are ridiculously simple but important.

When we first reached out to Caolinh to asked what she felt was the most helpful tip she learned, she simply responded with,

“…I believe I definitely benefited most from the test-taking strategies. All the tips and tricks really helped me feel more confident while I was taking the test.”

Indeed, we’ve found that for many students, the actual strategies for tackling the test, such as timing, all add up and create confidence for handling the format itself. Being able to analyze question prompts quickly and then formulating the correct answer choice efficiently is daunting for anyone. However, those difficulties are why our instructors take so much time breaking down the strategies and then providing sufficient homework and practice tests for students to sharpen their practice of them.

After working hard in our course and finally facing the SAT itself again, Caolinh can finally enjoy the fruits of her labor with a score of 1590 – a near perfect score! Right now, Caolinh is in the process of applying to schools, so we have yet to know where she finally chooses to go. She did inform us though that her interests are ambitious,

”…I’m looking at either History or Creative Writing combined with Music.”

In terms of future career after school, Caolinh is equally as ambitious,

“…Ideally, I would be able to work as a historian, professor, or as a politician, where I’d be able to use both History and Creative Writing and still be in a position to have time to continue playing music.”


Given her high score and interests, it’s impossible to imagine that she will not end up at a school that allows her to flourish.

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Caolinh’s Final Advice To New Prep Expert Students

As Caolinh prepares for the next stage of her academic journey, here are her final words of advice.

Going back to advice for students who are starting their first class with us, or are wondering if they should work with Prep Expert, Caolinh shared the final bits of wisdom for you specifically,

“…Definitely pay attention in class and do all the practice tests. It will help acclimate you and get you used to taking these long tests.”

Once again, if you do the work and practice what’s learned, your chances of succeeding on either the SAT or ACT will dramatically improve. Caolinh is another example of the many students Prep Expert has worked with over the years that have found success from using our strategies. Do you have your own story to share?

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