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Michael M’s Prep Expert Success Story

When it comes to SAT preparation, so much energy and focus go into getting ready, that many students quickly forget to look back and recognize their actual success when it arrives.

That’s why we are taking a moment to praise the achievement of Michael M, a recent Prep Expert success story who significantly boosted his SAT score with our self-paced course.

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Meet Prep Expert Success Story Student Michael M.

Michael M. came to us looking to optimize the score he already earned.

Prep Expert student Michael M. came to us with a 1230 SAT score. 1230 itself isn’t a bad score at all, but Michael obviously felt there was room to improve and wanted help in better preparing himself for a future test date. That’s why he decided to look into different test prep options that fit his schedule and needs.


After deliberating, he eventually decided to sign up for our signature SAT self-paced course. Once he was set in our system and began accessing the course content, Michael immediately started to work through Shaan’s various strategies and found the time to thoroughly practice them (a luxury many of our self-paced students enjoy).

Michael M’s Course Impressions

Michael was kind enough to briefly share his impressions of our self-paced format.

When we first heard from Michael, we were pleased to learn how the overall course helped him before test day.

“…[i]t provided me with structure, clarity, and motivation that was absolutely necessary for my journey through practicing and preparing for this difficult test.”

We’ve found that for many students, the self-paced format provides them the luxury of time; being able to constantly rewatch Shaan’s video lessons at one’s convenience has aided many students in a low pressure, high reward manner.

After diligently working through his self-paced lessons and facing the SAT again, Michael can finally enjoy the fruits of his labor with a score of 1350 – a full 120 point improvement! His point gains in both the Reading (50 points) and Math (70 points) section proved conclusively that Shaan’s strategies were helpful.

Right now, Michael is in the process of speaking with a number of prestigious schools including Columbia, Dartmouth, and NYU among others. Moreover, he has been approached by these schools’ baseball programs for serious consideration, which can only boost his scholarship and financial aid chances.

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What Is YOUR Prep Expert Success Story

Are you ready to share YOUR story yet?

Michael is another example of the many students Prep Expert has helped find success by teaching them the strategies Shaan Patel developed and used to achieve his perfect SAT score. Do you have your own Prep Expert success story to share?


If you would like to let us and the world know how things have gone since working with Prep Expert, then contact us at

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