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AP Exam Benefits For College And Career

If you’re still not 100% sold on taking them, consider these AP exam benefits and how they affect not just college chances but your future career too.

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AP Exam Benefits You Should Be Aware Of

Build Necessary College-Level Skills and Confidence

AP students must develop strong time management and study skills to handle the increased workload. This increased focus translates into college and career success later on.

Students dig deep into subjects they’re passionate about in AP classes. This passion taps into their creative and problem-solving mindsets easily to address the challenging assignments.

These courses are fast-paced, due to covering more material than regular classes. They also require independent research and analysis.

Boosts Your College Admission Chances

AP students signal to college admission boards that they’re mentally ready for university-level rigor. Moreover, they demonstrate the need to challenge themselves and strive for excellence.

Most colleges and universities report that an applicant’s AP experience positively affects final decisions. It’s important to note that you don’t have to score perfectly on the exams either. The attempt alone counts a lot.

Predictor Of College Success

Academic research has shown that students who score well typically have better academic success in college and a higher graduation rate. Scores of 3 or higher are the cut off for this trend.

Saves Time And Money

Students who take AP courses and the accompanying exams are much more likely to complete their college degrees on time. This translates to immediate savings on paying for additional semesters.

Most colleges and universities offer either direct college credit or advanced placement for qualified AP Exam scores. This normally allows those students to:

  • Fulfill their graduation requirements ahead of schedule
  • Skip introductory or other general-education prerequisite courses

AP Exam Articles and Tips

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