Average ACT Score by State

One of the best ways to improve your opportunities for college admission is to have a high ACT score. While you do not need to have a perfect score to get into college (although it certainly doesn’t hurt!), getting a score that is higher than average will significantly boost your chances of getting into a great school.

Keep an eye on the average ACT scores for your state and the colleges you are considering so that you have a good idea of where you stand and if you will need to improve your score.

Average state ACT scores

Whether your score is above or below average will depend on the state where you live and the colleges you want to attend. A score of 23 would be below average if you live in Connecticut, for instance, where the average ACT score is 25.6; however, it would be far above average for Nevada, where the average ACT score is 17.7.

Furthermore, while your score might be high for your state, it could be low for the state where your dream school is located or when compared to other students who are applying for admittance. It is important for you to be aware of the average ACT score of college applicants from your state as well as those who are applying for the same schools that you want to attend so that you can be sure that your score is high enough to make your application stand out.

Here are the average composite ACT scores for each state according to World Population Review:

State Average ACT Score
Alabama 19.1
Alaska 20.8
Arizona 19.2
Arkansas 19.4
California 22.7
Colorado 23.9
Connecticut 25.6
Delaware 23.8
Florida 19.9
Georgia 21.4
Hawaii 18.9
Idaho 22.3
Illinois 23.9
Indiana 22.5
Iowa 21.8
Kansas 21.6
Kentucky 20.2
Louisiana 19.2
Maine 24
Maryland 22.5
Massachusetts 25.5
Michigan 24.4
Minnesota 21.3
Mississippi 18.6
Missouri 20
Montana 20
Nebraska 20.1
Nevada 17.7
New Hampshire 25.1
New Jersey 23.7
New Mexico 19.4
New York 24.5
North Carolina 19.1
North Dakota 20.3
Ohio 20.3
Oklahoma 19.3
Oregon 21.3
Pennsylvania 23.5
Rhode Island 24.2
South Carolina 18.3
South Dakota 21.9
Tennessee 19.6
Texas 20.6
Utah 20.4
Vermont 24.1
Virginia 23.9
Washington 22.2
West Virginia 20.3
Wisconsin 20.5
Wyoming 20

Comparing your score

When you get ready to apply for colleges, you will want to have a good idea of how your ACT score ranks against test takers from your state as well as applicants at your prospective schools.

If the average ACT score from your state is higher than yours, or if the universities you want to attend tend to have applicants with better ACT scores, you know you need to do something to improve your score. When your score is higher than average, you will drastically improve the likelihood that you will get into the colleges on your list.

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