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When it comes to SAT or ACT test preparation, significant time and focus go into getting ready before the test, that it is easy to quickly forget to look back and recognize the success of actually achieving a high score.

That’s why we are once again taking a moment to praise the achievement of Jerard B, a recent Prep Expert success story who achieved his SAT score goal with our help.

If you’re in the process of figuring out how to get ready for the SAT, then take a minute right now to check out our various SAT prep courses.

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Meet Prep Expert Success Story Student Jerard B.

Jerard B. came to us looking to fine-tune the high score he already achieved.

Prep Expert student Jerard B. first came to us with a 1340 SAT score. 1340 itself isn’t a bad score at all by any means, but Jerard wanted to shoot higher and knew that he needed help in fine-tuning his approach to the test. That’s why he and his parents did their research into different test prep companies.

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After deliberating, they eventually decided to sign up for one of our signature SAT courses. After signing up for one of our sessions, Jerard immediately got to work and began learning and practicing Shaan’s various tips and strategies.

Jerard B’s Most Helpful Tip

The tips that helped Jerard out the most were ridiculously simple but made a difference.

When we first reached out to Jerard to asked him what he felt the most helpful tip he learned from us was, he simply responded with,

“…[t]he tips that help me the most were learning how to properly analyze a reading passage, and the fastest way to find a solution to the math problems.”

Indeed, we’ve found that for many students, the SAT Reading and Math sections can often provide the most difficulties on a consistent basis; being able to both analyze information quickly and then formulate the correct answer under time constraints is daunting.

However, those difficulties are why our instructors take the time to break down our strategies on how to handle those problems and provide sufficient homework and practice tests for students to sharpen their skill usage.

After working hard in our course and finally facing the SAT itself again, Jerard can finally enjoy the fruits of his labor with a score of 1510 – an improvement of 170 points! Only 90 points away from a perfect 1600 score. Right now, Jerard is in the process of applying to schools, so we have yet to know where he finally chooses to go.

He did inform us though that his interest in engineering drives his career goal of eventually becoming an engineer. Given his high score and the size of his score hike, it’s impossible to imagine that he will not end up at a school that allows him to flourish.

Jerard’s Final Piece Of Advice To New Prep Expert Students

As Jerard prepares for the next stage of his academic journey, here are his final words of advice.

Going back to advice for students who are about to start their first class with us, or are still wondering if they should work with Prep Expert, Jerard shared the final bits of wisdom for you specifically,

“Do the homework, attend the classes, and read over the tips one last time before you go take the test.”

Three basic tips that we have heard over and over again from other students of ours; simply put, if you do the work and practice what’s learned, your chances of succeeding on either the SAT or ACT will dramatically improve.

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Jerard is only one example of the many students Prep Expert has worked with over the years that have found success from using our strategies. Do you have your own Prep Expert success story to share?

If you would like to let us and the world know how things have gone since working with Prep Expert, then contact us at

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Jerard B's Prep Expert Success Story
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Jerard B's Prep Expert Success Story
We are taking a moment to praise the achievement of Jerard B, a recent Prep Expert success story who successfully achieved his SAT score goal with our help.
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Prep Expert
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