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Celebrity ACT Scores

Getting ready for the ACT is for many students a sometimes mundane-feeling task in comparison with school, sports, family, relationships, etc.  You’d be surprised to know which celebrities have been in the same shoes as you and done well on the ACT.

Let’s take a quick look at the ACT scores from a few different celebrities you will know and see how they stack up against each other.

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celebrity act scores

Celebrity ACT Scores

Here are a few people you’ll know and their ACT scores; to provide a bit more variety, we’ve also included a number of people who took the SAT, but showcase their equivalent ACT scores (indicated by an asterisk):

Celebrity Score University
Sonia Sotomayor 35 Princeton University
Matt Birk 34 Harvard University
Waka Flocka Flame 35 N/A
Steve Jobs 32 Reed College
Barack Obama 30 Columbia University
Lyndon B. Johnson 26 Texas State University
Marilyn Monroe 21 N/A
William Faulkner 18 University of Mississippi
Scarlett Johansson 23* N/A
Ke$ha 34* N/A
Natalie Portman 33* Harvard University
Bill Clinton 22* Harvard University
George W. Bush 26* Yale University
Bill Gates 35* Harvard University
Al Gore 30* Harvard University
Peyton Manning 22* University of Tennessee



Key Points To Remember

Besides the curiosity factor, here are a couple of key points to remember:

Don’t Judge A Book By A Cover – It’s easy today to undervalue how important school was on many celebrities. Too often the media shines its light on a celebrity’s popularity and success, without looking at the hard work and education that happened before fame arrived.

At a glance, it should be little surprise that Microsoft founder Bill Gates scored a 35* (equivalent ACT score). However, how many people would have guessed that hip-hop artist Waka Flocka Flame scored 35* (equivalent ACT score)?

More importantly, who would have possibly guessed that his ACT score was five points higher than US President Barack Obama?

At one point, these people went through the same struggles as everyone else getting ready for the test. They faced the same nervousness, having to fit in study sessions, work on practice tests, etc…just like you.

Don’t Let The ACT Define You – In spite of the pressure that the ACT can present mentally, don’t let it define who you are during the preparation process. Remember that your life is not determined by one test score alone.

Consider novelist William Faulkner; Faulkner scored an 18 on the ACT, not an impressive score overall. But consider his career – award-winning author, including the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Or consider Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, who scored a 21 on her test. Not a bad score, but it didn’t hold her back from pursuing her dream and becoming a legend in the process.

Your future success can indeed be helped by a high ACT score, but don’t put yourself under the manufactured pressure of thinking that the score alone guarantees it.


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Celebrity ACT Scores FAQ

What was Steve Jobs’ ACT score?


What did Barack Obama score on the ACT?


Are there any hip-hop artists with high ACT scores?

Hip-hop artist Waka Flocka Flame scored 35* (equivalent ACT score).

Which celebrity had a low ACT score?

Novelist William Faulkner scored an 18 on the ACT, not an incredibly impressive score overall. But consider his career – award-winning author, including the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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