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College Admission Counselor Questions To Ask

When considering schools to apply to, don’t be scared to ask questions that need answers. College admission counselors answer those questions because they want you to apply. Before you do, hit them hard with questions about every facet of their school and application process.

Ask these college admission counselor questions and follow-ups when talking to school representatives. Get the answers you need and deserve when deciding on where to apply.

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What Do You Look For In An Applicant?

Don’t be afraid to ask EXACTLY what they’re looking for.

Colleges and universities don’t want ‘well-rounded’ students. They’re looking for specific roles and niches for the new class coming in.

If you’re looking to get into a specific academic program or major, ask if there are specific traits that those students have there.

Also, ask if there are specific classes or extracurriculars they’re looking for to narrow down choices.

How Are Classes Taught Here?

Ask about how classes and labs are taught in general.

Don’t be afraid to ask things like:

  • How large are your average class sizes across programs?
  • Do you provide classes online?
  • Does your school allow for smaller classes?
  • How much does class format depend on academic programs on campus?

Get an idea of how information is taught, so you can figure out if it works for your learning style.

What Academic Support Do You Provide?

Ask about what services and help are provided if you have trouble in classes.

Things to ask about include:

  • What is an instructor’s general availability policy?
  • Is there on-campus tutoring available?
  • How do I get a hold of an academic advisor?
  • What other resources do you provide to students in need?

College is an adjustment in many ways, so struggling to adjust is common.

What Sets You Apart From Other Colleges?

Make them justify why they should be your first choice.

You should inquire about alumni engagement, what tools the school provides towards professional development, etc.

If you’re interested in particular programs, don’t be afraid to ask why theirs is better than another institution.

You should find out if this place has the tools available to help you succeed in school and beyond.

What Does Student Debt Look Like Here?

Find out how much financial help a school actually provides by asking.

Specific points to ask include things like:

  • What’s the percentage of students that receive financial aid here?
  • Do you provide any scholarships for incoming freshmen?
  • How do students qualify for scholarships you sponsor?

Get a better idea of how affordable this school will actually be.

What Other Fees Do I Have To Cover?

There are hidden fees included in college bills that you are not aware of.

For example, ask about meal plan costs:

  • Do I have to purchase a meal plan?
  • What exactly does it provide and where can I use it?

Housing is a major cost. Common questions include:

  • Am I required to live on campus for my freshman year?
  • Can I live off-campus?
  • What about parking access?
  • Do I have to pay for internet access?

What Extracurricular Opportunities Are Available On Campus?

Determine if a school fits you by walking around its campus in-person.

Get a feel for the layout and what other students are doing. You can also contact an admission counselor and ask about available programs based on your interests.

Also, they’ll have an idea of what live events are happening when you visit. Even if you can’t get every answer, they’ll point you in the right direction.

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Todd Marcus

Written by Todd Marcus

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