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10 Readily Available College Part Time Jobs

Paying for college is tough. Even if you’re getting help with financial aid, living away from home with new bills is stressful. Add to that the need to keep up with classes, and the stress over cash becomes real. Don’t despair. Listed below are ten readily available college part-time jobs that almost any student can find.

If you need to make extra cash without sacrificing classroom time or studies, then check out these college part-time jobs.

Besides working part-time to make extra money, use these college money-saving habits to make life easier on campus too.


college part time jobs

Food Service Worker

Working in a restaurant is a classic way to make extra cash in college.

Whether it’s waiting tables, making coffee, washing dishes, or making food, restaurant/coffee shop work can pay the bills. It’s always been popular among college students for the following reasons:

  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Extra Money From Tips

If you work during your holiday breaks, chances are great that you’ll make even more tip money because of the demand.

Sales Associate

Sales associate work is another common pathway to extra cash.

Like food service workers, sales associates enjoy schedule flexibility and extra cash during holiday breaks. Also, if you need to make extra money for a couple of months, there’s always seasonal work around the major holidays. If you’re fine with customer service and handling cash and credit cards, then a sales associate job isn’t a bad option.


Here’s a great way to make extra money while on campus.

Tutoring jobs are readily available for anyone with expertise in a particular subject. If you’re pursuing graduate work or did very well on the SAT or ACT, then tutoring other college or high school students is an option. Moreover, highly recommended tutors can make, at minimum, $30 an hour up to almost $100 per hour!

Administrative Assistant

This role provides real-world career experience besides the money itself.

If you’re looking to pursue a corporate career, then getting paid to work in an office isn’t a bad idea. You’ll quickly get used to a professional office environment, as well as the kinds of interactions to expect.

Schedule-wise, it may not be as flexible, but it’s a great option if you’re pursuing jobs like:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Office Management

Rideshare Drivers

If you have a car, then you can make money with it.

Driving part-time for rideshare companies like Uber or Lyft is an excellent option for extra cash. The schedule is highly flexible, as it can literally happen 24/7.

Often, the best money is made during weekends and evenings. If you don’t mind driving people around for a few hours per week, then consider this option.

Bank Teller

This job is great for anyone pursuing a business or finance degree.

Entry-level bank teller positions are great for students either attending night classes or online courses. The reason being that you can use your regular day hours to make money in a traditional schedule while getting valuable customer service and financial transaction skills.

Tour Guide

Live in an interesting city? Then make money showing people around.

For theatre arts majors or other students who enjoy storytelling, city tour guide jobs are worth pursuing. Like many of the others on this list, the hours are normally flexible and there are normally cash tips available.

If you live in a city that’s a tourist hub, then research any local tour companies to see if there are part-time guide openings.

Resident Advisor

Live for free on-campus and make extra cash.

Resident advisors, or RAs, live within campus dormitories alongside regular students. Their role is to provide assistance to students and security/rule enforcement on the school’s behalf.

Resident advisors also often assist with other clerical roles, such as providing dorm tours. RAs can focus fully on their studies knowing that their room and board are fully covered.


Working as a nanny can bring extra cash, as well as room and board potentially.

Nanny positions are popular with many students because of schedule flexibility with classes. Some parents only need nannies for afternoons, while others can combine homework and nanny duties together during nap times. If you’re living in a high-cost city, then it’s possible to also exchange your services for room and board too.

Call Center Representative

Make money being on the phone all day.

Call centers frequently employ college students because of their schedules. With centers needing people to work evenings and weekends, students are a great resource to use because they have the remaining time to focus on classes.

Besides real-world sales experience, call center jobs are readily available in most cities, so finding an opening isn’t too rough.

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