Common College Clubs To Consider

Part of the college experience is meeting new people with common interests while attending classes. Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of common college clubs you can check out that indulge your interests, help develop new ones and provide a pathway to your career.

Take advantage of these common college clubs when on campus to indulge interests and help build your career.

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common college clubs

Academic Clubs

These clubs are normally the most popular ones.

They are based around areas of study. For virtually any major you encounter, there is likely a club for it too.

These clubs are helpful if you’re pursuing a specific degree because you can connect with other like-minded students. More importantly, many of these clubs also have network connections with working professionals in your field.

Whether it’s marketing, business, science, or arts-related, many established academic clubs have these networks. If you’re interested in making connections before graduation, then academic clubs are a great way to get your foot in the door.

Political Clubs

If you are passionate about social issues, these are relevant clubs.

Political clubs are helpful if you:

  • Want a platform to confront social issues
  • Support a particular political candidate
  • Want to connect with students and teachers sharing your beliefs

For students looking to eventually pursue a political office, these clubs are often instrumental in starting them on that path. Political clubs can provide:

  • Networks of people to organize events
  • Opportunities to meet political leaders at every level

If you’re looking to pursue a political career but aren’t sure where to start, then look at political clubs. They make the introductions you need to eventually secure internships and, eventually, paid positions within a specific political party.

Media/Publication Clubs

Are you interested in creating or reporting?

If so, then look for a media club or organization on campus. Common ones include:

  • Campus newspaper
  • College radio station
  • Campus TV station
  • Graphic design clubs
  • Film production clubs

Creating media today is multi-faceted; not only do you need to understand writing, but also graphic design and digital media. Media clubs are great to join if you’re interested in any of the following careers:

  • Reporter
  • Videographer
  • Designer
  • Marketing
  • Advertising

The great thing is that many media groups, like the student newspaper, allow people of all related interests to collaborate together.

More importantly, you will gain practical experience that looks good on your resume after graduation. Media and publication clubs are a great stepping stone to a mass media career.

Community Service Clubs

If you’re looking to make a difference for others, then these are clubs for you.

There are many community service clubs out there dedicated to various groups:

  • Children
  • Seniors
  • Animals
  • Homeless people
  • The Environment

Popular ones you’ll find on most campuses include:

  • Campus Relay for Life
  • College Mentors for Kids
  • Habitat for Humanity

If you’re looking to help make a difference on a local level or contribute your energies to a nation or worldwide cause, then community service groups are for you.

Theater/Arts Clubs

Are you an aspiring actor or artist?

Are you driven by performing or creating artwork? If you answer ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then you should look into theater and art clubs.

For aspiring actors, most campuses will offer a range of performance troupes, from experimental theatre to Broadway-style musicals, to improv comedy.

These groups are great for kids looking to get onto a stage and put in the work to develop their talents. Art clubs also are available catering to various styles including:

  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Sculpture

These clubs allow like-minded people to meet, share their work, and help each other develop their skills.

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