Double Major Pros And Cons

If you’re feeling very ambitious and aren’t interested in just pursuing one college major, then we have news for you – the double major! However, before tackling that commitment and responsibility, educate yourself about the various double major pros and cons.

Before deciding to take the plunge yourself, consider these double major pros and cons.

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double major pros and cons

Double Major Pros

Opportunity To Learn As Much As Possible

Use this time to learn as much knowledge as you possibly can.

Let’s say you’re interested in two separate subjects, such as English and Marketing. You’ve taken classes for both and feel passionate about everything you’ve learned so far.

Instead of feeling that you have to choose, look into pursuing a double major. Not only will you make the most of your undergraduate career, but you’ll also receive thorough training in two separate disciplines.

More importantly, the commitment to pursue two full majors successfully will impress future employers.

Gain A Competitive Edge

Completing a double major can help you with future job prospects.

Studying two majors simultaneously can help you in your future job hunt in these ways:

  • Ability to provide greater insight than other fresh graduates
  • Demonstrating a healthy work ethic

If your double majors also have a professional crossover, again such as English and Marketing, then recruiters will be more prone to consider you.

Why? Because they know that you can call upon additional resources when considering problems versus candidates with degrees in only one discipline or the other.


Two majors mean twice the amount of people you’ll meet!

Part of college is networking with other students and professors. By tackling two academic fields at once, you double the amount of potential professional and social contacts that could help further your postgraduate career.

Look into available clubs that cater to your majors too; these student organizations often have alumni contacts that you can hit up for job advice and referrals later on.

Double Major Cons

Intensified Study Load

A double major requires significant class commitments.

Get ready to spend even more time and energy on classwork alone. Think about it, you will need to complete the following classes:

  • General education prerequisites
  • Major-specific classes
  • Electives

In order to graduate on time, you face two basic choices:

  • Take 15-18 credit hours per semester at a minimum
  • Stay in school for an additional 1-2 semesters

Not only does the workload increase, but the mental strain to keep up doubles.

Sacrificed Extracurriculars

Don’t expect to have time for much else outside class.

With double the class load, something has to give. Your free time will be the biggest casualty. If you’re a person who needs plenty of free time, then think hard about the time and mental commitment you must make.

More importantly, internships and other networking opportunities will disappear. Think hard about what you’ll lose in pursuit of a double major.

Increased Tuition Costs

Double majoring can extend your tuition costs.

Depending on the individual programs and school you’re attending, tacking a second major can cost you more money in the end. Why? Because with a huge workload to handle, especially if you declare in later semesters, you’ll probably need an extra semester to finish.

That extra semester means paying more tuition, textbook fees, and all other associated costs. Plus it keeps you out of the workforce longer, away from jobs that can pay down debt.

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