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Grant G’s Prep Expert Success Story

When it comes to test preparation, so much time and energy go into what happens both before and during the test, that often we can all forget to look back and recognize the success that a high score creates.

That’s why we are taking a moment now to recognize the achievements of Grant G., a recent Prep Expert success story student who utilized Prep Expert’s services and has plenty of advice for other kids interested in using them.

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prep expert success story

Prep Expert Success Story Student Grant G

Let’s meet Grant, who came to us with a strong score, but knew he could do better.

Former Prep Expert student Grant G. first came to us with a 1330 SAT score. Despite already earning a solid score that would definitely get him into a number of schools, Grant felt there was still room for improvement.

He and his family decided to see if Prep Expert could help boost his scores even higher. At that point, Grant signed up for one of our signature SAT courses and immediately set out to learn Shaan’s tips and strategies.

In fact, some of them proved to be more valuable to his success than others. When we asked what the most helpful tips he learned from us, Ryan shared:

“…The most helpful thing I learned from Prep Expert was how to SLAY the writing section. On the October 6th SAT I used simple strategies and tools Clay taught me to get a 44/44 on that section. Simple grammar rules helped my score improve so much.”



Grant’s Post-SAT Results

Grant’s post-SAT experience has been nothing but positive so far.

After working on learning all of our strategies and then taking the SAT once again, Grant saw a tremendous improvement with a 1510 score – a 180 point improvement! With that new score in tow, Grant has since applied to a number of schools in the UC system – UCLA, UCI, UC Davis, UCSD, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, UC Riverside, SDSU, CSU Fullerton, Sac State, and Sonoma State, with UCLA being his dream school.


At the moment, Grant is interested in pursuing a major in Medicine, hoping to one day become a healthcare worker. After seeing the amount of work he’s put in so far, we have no doubt that he will continue to succeed.


Grant’s Last Piece Of Advice To Students

Here’s Grant’s best advice on how to make the most of the Prep Expert experience.

While he continues applying to schools and scholarships, Grant had these final words of advice for anyone considering to enroll in a Prep Expert course:

“…I would strongly recommend to TAKE NOTES during ALL the lectures. There is a lot of information and if you don’t stay on top of it, you may not get the score increase you’re looking for.”

Once again, Grant is only one example of the many students Prep Expert has worked with over the years that have found success from using our strategies. Do you have your own Prep Expert success story to share?

If you would like to let us and the world know how things have gone since working with Prep Expert, then contact us at

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Written by Todd Marcus

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