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How Long Does It Take to Get SAT Scores Back?

If you’re like most high school students, you cannot wait to see your scores after taking the SAT. Between scholarship opportunities and college admittances, there is a lot riding on your scores. It makes sense to be eager about receiving your scores!

If you are starting to worry about your SAT scores or you are wondering when SAT scores will be released, here are all of the facts you need to know:

How do I access my scores?

When your scores are released, you will be able to access them by viewing your online score report. After you log in, you will be able to see your multiple-choice and essay scores.

If you registered for your test by mail, you will receive a physical, paper score report in the mail.
When should I expect my scores?
Your score release date will vary depending on when you took the SAT this year.

If you took the test prior to March 13 of 2021, your scores have already been released and you can view your online score report now. If you took the test after March 13, you will need to wait a little while longer before you can see your scores.

Here are the SAT test score release dates for administrations from March 24 through June 5, 2021:


Test Date Multiple-Choice Score Release Date
March 24 April 16
April 13 May 5
April 27 May 20
May 8 May 21
June 5 July 14

On your score release date, you will be able to view your scores starting at some point between 8 a.m. EST and 8 p.m. EST. There’s no need for you to constantly refresh the page, though. The College Board will send you an email when your scores are ready.

Typically your multiple-choice scores are available on the set release date, and your essay scores will be made available within the following week.

When can colleges view my scores?

You’re not the only one who will want to look over your SAT scores. The colleges and universities you are applying to will also review your scores to help determine whether or not to admit you to their university and how much to offer you in scholarships.

The College Board will make sure your prospective schools receive your test scores within 10 days after you receive all of your scores. If you take the SAT with Essay, the colleges on your list will receive your scores roughly 14 days after you receive your scores.

Why are my SAT scores pending?

With everything that is riding on your SAT scores, it can be nerve-wracking to see that your SAT scores are pending.

You might be wondering if there was something you did wrong or even if your test scores were lost.

Fortunately, this is completely normal, and there is no need to panic! Delayed scores have nothing to do with your performance, and just because your scores were delayed does not mean that the College Board cannot find your test.

There are two reasons why you might see that your SAT scores are pending:

  • Your scores haven’t been released yet. Contrary to popular belief, SAT scores are not released at midnight on the release date, and they are not released all at once. You will be able to see your score at 8 a.m. EST at the earliest, and you might not see your scores until 8 p.m. EST.
  • Your scores are delayed. Again, this is nothing to worry about. Due to COVID-19, everything does not always go according to plan, and SAT results have been delayed more often than usual. When this is the case, there is nothing for you to do but wait patiently. When everything is sorted out, your scores will be available.

If you see that your scores are pending, take a deep breath, relax, and know that your scores will be released as soon as possible.

Improving your SAT scores

If when you receive your SAT scores, they are not quite as high as you had hoped they would be, it is not too late for you to retake the test and improve your scores.

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