How To Impress Admissions Officers

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Remember that the college admissions process boils down to a particular group: the admissions officers themselves. They’re people, just like you and me, who also have to evaluate thousands of applicants every year. The more you can do to make yourself stand out in their eyes, the better your chances of getting admitted are.

Learn how to impress admissions officers and improve your chances when they finally come across your application in the applicant pool.

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how to impress admissions officers

Be Prepared

Research the school beforehand.

When speaking with an admissions officer, don’t be afraid to show off all the knowledge you have about the school beforehand. Do the following work beforehand:

  • Articulate why you are interested in this particular school clearly
  • Look into specific programs you’re interested in
  • Research possible extracurricular activities you’d consider joining

Don’t be afraid to share all of this information in person; this is the time to show off what you know about this school. The admissions officer will make a note of it and remember your enthusiasm come decision time.

First Impressions Count

If you have an interview with an admissions officer, make their impression of you memorable.

Tips to consider while meeting:

  • Make sure you’re dressed professionally and clean
  • Give a firm handshake upon introduction
  • Make and keep eye contact when speaking
  • Treat it like a job interview, because in essence, this experience is no different

The better in-person impression you can give, the more your odds will improve for entry. Admissions officers want serious, enthusiastic students in their schools. Communicate that you’re what they’re looking for clearly.

Take Academic Studies Seriously

Admissions officers look more at class quality than grades alone.

Admissions officials know that grades alone don’t tell the entire story about one’s high school career. They spend more time looking over the quality of the classes you took.

For example, if you think that taking every AP class available will help you then you’re wrong. You’ll make a better impression if you take one or two AP classes that fit your interests than a slate full of ones that don’t matter.

Admissions officials will see that you took on the challenge for what you want to study in college. If you score well, that drive will go a long way in their eyes.

Demonstrate Problem Solving

Use your free time to help solve problems, either with an internship or community service.

Admissions officers are interested in what you do outside of the classroom too. They’ll definitely perk up if they see you spend time helping others solve problems in the community.

Feel free to look for internships with local businesses or start your own club that helps people in the community. Either way, the character building and problem-solving acumen demonstrated will improve your odds in their eyes. It’s also a great way to pad out your CV after college too.

Highlight Your Uniqueness And Passions

Don’t be afraid to discuss your most unique achievements.

When listing your activities, take the time to think about the ones that are most meaningful or unique. Put those activities down first.

Plenty of kids will list things like National Honor Society and Chess Club first; if you have something special like personally organizing a food drive to feed your community, put that first. The point is to share your deepest passions through your achievements and extracurriculars.

If you join groups or clubs just for appearance’s sake alone, admissions officers will sniff it out fast. Show them what you care about the most, and how you can translate that passion to their school.

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