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Junior Year Checklist For College

Junior year is the time when you need to really begin looking at colleges and getting the whole application process rolling. However, you need to make sure that regular class work and obligations don’t fall behind, or else your senior year will be tougher than necessary. You could use a junior year checklist for college prep.

Check out our junior year checklist for college to help keep you on track for both your high school graduation and getting into your dream school afterward.

Junior year is a great time to get ready for either the SAT or ACT; check out our current SAT prep and ACT prep classes today for a head start.

junior year checklist for college

Complete Before Junior Year Begins

  • Meet up with your guidance counselor
  • Join extracurricular activities you’re passionate about personally
  • Start looking into a college savings plan and/or start adding to a pre-existing one you have
  • Keep track of any high school awards and achievements you’ve accumulated so far
  • Start creating your resume
  • Start getting ready to take either the SAT or ACT
  • Make sure that you’re taking classes you need for future college admission; if you need help, don’t hesitate to talk with your counselor
  • Start thinking about future career options you’d consider doing for a living
  • Find opportunities to volunteer for community service
  • Start researching colleges you are thinking about attending

Fall Tasks

  • Start studying for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, or AP exams as soon as the year begins
  • Get ready for the PSAT in October
  • Keep your grades up in classes and stay on track
  • Come up with an initial list of potential colleges
  • Make sure your resume is current and keep updating it as much as possible
  • Evaluate alternative education options like trade schools, community colleges, military colleges, etc.
  • Think about which majors can lead to the career options you’re interested in
  • Research your dream schools in-depth and start attending college fairs
  • Start planning for campus visits
  • Mark out the dates for upcoming standardized test dates for planning purposes
  • Start thinking about teachers/counselors you can ask for letters of recommendation
  • Work on expanding your outside reading list
  • Start applying to scholarships early, especially ones that will allow juniors to apply without restriction

Winter Tasks

  • Keep up with your extracurricular activities
  • Keep studying for the ACT/SAT
  • Get involved with volunteering over the holidays
  • Organize your college search research notes
  • Start narrowing down college choices to apply to soon
  • Shadow career fields you’re interested in for a hands-on experience
  • Make sure the test you’re taking (SAT, ACT, AP, SAT Subject, etc) matches up with admissions requirements
  • Start looking into your financial aid options
  • Apply for more scholarships and find ones with little to no competition where possible
  • Start looking into internship options

Spring Tasks

  • Start getting your class schedule track ready for senior year with your counselor’s help
  • Look into earning college credit early via AP classes, International Baccalaureate, etc.
  • Keep applying for scholarships
  • Start requesting letters of recommendation from teachers who know you well
  • Apply for a summer job or internship
  • Start setting up campus tours and interview appointments at dream schools

Summer Tasks

  • Start visiting college campuses and getting hands-on information while there
  • Look at getting a summer job to save money and get work experience
  • Organize your financial aid information and applications
  • Start working on college application essay drafts
  • Get your Letters of Recommendation collected and in order
  • Develop your Personal Statement draft for admissions and scholarships
  • Retake the SAT or ACT to get higher scores to submit
  • Keep track of your FAFSA and financial aid deadlines and make sure to get the paperwork ready to go

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Todd Marcus

Written by Todd Marcus

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