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The Not So Standard Way To Beat The SAT – A Prep Expert Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in Prep Expert’s SAT Prep boot camp. It is marketed as the only program created by a perfect 2400 SAT score student.

Less than 0.02% of test-takers can claim that accomplishment. You may have seen Prep Expert CEO, Shaan Patel, close a deal with Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank.


Why I Needed The Prep Expert Program

Being a high school senior, I have had the opportunity to learn under many different teaching styles. I’ve attended over 9 schools throughout my journey through the perils of pre-college education.

I took this course with the mindset that the SAT was the final test I wanted to do well on.

I am an okay student, maintaining a GPA of around 3.7. But standardized testing is not typically my strong suit. In this unbiased review, I’ll outline what Prep Expert did for me, what it took for me to do it, and if it’s something you should try out.

Prep Expert Review – Online Classes

By far, the best part was the classes instructed by Mike Dubois. Every Wednesday and Sunday from 6:30-9:30 PM EST, I logged on to the Clickmeeting video conferencing software.

Mike, a very accessible and articulate, nonchalant guy, serves on the side as an SAT essay grader. He knew the requirements, what to look for, and the format he would give full points to.

A typical class consisted of an hour of review from homework assignments, and two hours of new material. We ran through all the SAT categories and practice tests in-depth. During the short breaks every hour, students from all over the world connected, chatted, joked around, and threw questions at each other.

The group tempo was very upbeat and served as an open forum for anything SAT. Anytime I had a question, I just typed it into the chatbox. Mike answered every single one accurately.

I have never used a better platform in an online classroom, and applaud Prep Expert for their ability to create the most surreal classroom experience online. Throughout the online part of the course, Mike pulled slides up of Expert Strategies. This name represents the best techniques to use while testing. Some seemed very obvious and others were completely new.

For instance, it outlined how much time was wasted flipping back and forth between an answer sheet and test booklet. I did not think much of it until I took another SAT Practice test and realized how right they were. It proved that my natural mind seemed to prefer to waste precious testing time.

My main critique was class tended to end late, especially since school began in Florida on August 12, right when the program started. If ever possible, it may be worthwhile to have more flexible time slots for those who live in different time zones.

The Materials

If you decide to take Prep Expert as I did, then be willing to devote two things to the course. If you comply with both, there is a very realistic chance of actually scoring a perfect 1,600 on the new SAT.

In the course, they mentioned these as a prerequisite learning experience. The first commitment is the student must have a reason for doing well on the SAT. If your goal is to get accepted into an Ivy League college on a hefty scholarship, perfect. Take this course, and you’ll have the best opportunity to make it happen.

That may sound easy, but goals are powered by passion and drive. In order to complete them, one must have both. The second commitment is to prepare for a heavy, repetitive workload

Why Prep Expert’s SAT Strategies Work

Part of the reason Prep Expert, and other SAT Prep courses exist, is because they teach you that the SAT has somewhat of a pattern to it, and implementing the proper strategies can help you choose your answers wisely and fast, therefore increasing your score.


The best way to do this is by assimilating yourself multiple times with the material, so you know how to instantly recognize a question, and find the answer they are looking for. There are multiple approaches to solve a problem, but the SAT only writes for roughly one approach. Prep Expert shows the pupil how a question should be solved in untraditional ways while using few pre-meditated skills.

Prep Expert provides its students with:

  • Multiple practice tests
  • 5 books written by Shaan
  • Homework assignments
  • Online course access

To sum it up, instead of teaching materials learned in school, they tell you how to best implement it. You’ll have tricks to solving questions faster and better.

To Conclude

Multiple people have scored perfectly on the new SAT using Prep Expert’s strategies and lessons. I am extremely impressed with how this program managed to blend lessons and questions together to boost the average student’s score of almost 400 points, typically unheard of in this industry.

While I am an opponent of standardized testing, I cannot change that the SAT exists, and is valued so dearly by colleges. It is simply a measurement of how well one exceeds in testing their knowledge on K-12 schooling. On October 1st of 2016, I will walk into the SAT testing area of the local high school in Satellite Beach, Florida.

I will sit down in the hard wooden stools provided, and pick up that glossy pencil to answer all the questions. In the back of my mind, I’ll be grateful to Prep Expert for the fact that I knew how to solve almost every problem on that test before I even stepped foot in the building.

Prep Expert courses are available for purchase on, and currently cost $999 in comparison to $1,200+ from their current direct competitors.


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Benjamin Stern

Written by Benjamin Stern

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