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Ryan C’s Prep Expert Success Story

When it comes to test preparation, so much time and energy go into what happens both before and during the test, that often we can all forget to look back and recognize the success that a high score creates.

That’s why we are taking a moment now to recognize the achievements of current college student Ryan C., who utilized Prep Expert’s services and has seen success since taking the SAT.

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Meet Prep Expert Student Ryan C.

Former Prep Expert student Ryan C. first came to us with an 1180 SAT score.

Ryan felt there was definitely room to improve, and with his parents’ help, decided to give Prep Expert a try to help boost his score. After signing up with one of our signature SAT courses, Ryan began learning Shaan’s tips and strategies.

In fact, some of them proved to be more valuable to his success than others. When we asked what the most helpful tips he learned from us, Ryan shared that the Reading section strategies, in particular, provided him the most help. It’s important to remember though, that we provide thorough guidance on how to approach every section, including the optional essay.


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The Prep Expert Effect On Ryan C’s Final Score

Ryan’s hard work pays off as he pursues his sports career dreams.

After working hard to learn all of our strategies and finally taking the SAT again, Ryan saw a tremendous improvement with a score of 1380 – a 200 point jump! With that improved score available to him, Ryan applied to and was accepted by Emory University, University of Pittsburgh, Fordham University.

After debating his choices, Ryan finally settled on attending Emory University. At the moment, he is still weighing his options major-wise but he has a very clear goal for what he wishes to pursue – working for an NBA team, in either a business or legal capacity.

Business major? Law degree? Sports management? These are all viable options worth pursuing. Helping Ryan pay for that education right now though is a prestigious Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship that his SAT score undoubtedly helped bring in.

Ryan final word to anyone about to start taking a Prep Expert course (regardless of test) is, “…[a]ttend all of the classes and do all of the practice problems, plus more.” Indeed this is very important; by taking the time to not only attend classes but also do all of the homework we provide, you have a better chance of success on test day because you will have gained ample practice on what to expect.



Do You Have Your Own Prep Expert Success Story To Share?

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Again, Ryan is only one example of the many students Prep Expert has worked with over the years that have found success from using our strategies. Do you have your own story to share?

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Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

Written by Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

Prep Expert Founder & CEO

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