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Senioritis Cure Tips For High School Students

Senior year is the one where most kids decide to start relaxing. We get it; you’ve worked hard for years and now it’s almost over. Senioritis wants to kick in, but don’t let it. Chances are good that you’ll end up slacking and let that work go to waste.

Use these simple senioritis cure tips to keep your mind sharp and make your senior year the best one yet.

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senioritis cure

Find A Job

Look for part-time work.

Having a job during your senior year helps in a few important ways:

  • You are forced to focus on maintaining your grades and employment
  • You have access to EXTRA MONEY for school and fun
  • Consistent time management has to be developed and practiced

Just keep your grades up and you can’t lose.

Join Extracurriculars

Get involved in after-school clubs and activities.

Have you always wanted to audition for the school play? Now’s the time to do it. Want to join a club? Go out for it now.

Every extracurricular activity and organization you join will help keep your enthusiasm up, and it looks great on your college applications.

Sharpen Adulting Skills

Practice being an adult before you have to do it.

After senior year, you will need to have a number of skills in place before attending college. Take your senior year to work on skills like:

  • Basic cooking skills
  • Automotive maintenance
  • Paying bills
  • Doing laundry

It may sound goofy, but having these skills down pat avoids stress and lets you focus on class better.

Give Yourself Daily Goals

Make yourself a daily checklist that you’re accountable for alone.

Go ahead and give yourself three goals to do every day. They don’t have to be overly stressful or hard. It could literally be things as simple as:

  • Make up your bed before leaving
  • Find one thing to be thankful for
  • Text a friend or family member

The point is consciously committing to daily tasks and accomplishing them. You will always have reasons to focus on and not get lazy.

Indulge A Passion

Is there a hidden passion you haven’t pursued yet?

Many students worry that every single extracurricular activity must relate to college admissions. The truth is, find something that engages you emotionally and intellectually.

Don’t worry if it’s good for the application or not. Who knows, it could help shape your college major selection or future career.

Remember That It’s Almost Over

All the stress ends soon enough.

During senior year, there are so many things to stress over:

  • Keeping GPA high
  • Passing your final semesters
  • Finalizing your college selection
  • Preparing to transition to college

It’s easy to let all of that overwhelm your nerves. Don’t let that happen.

Remember that one last push over those final months is all you need to finish up those projects. After that push, you can relax and enjoy a brand-new journey.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Your body and mind need to stay sharp.

Keep these points in mind:

  • You’re about to be on your own for the first time soon
  • Build sustainable diet habits
  • Find time for some physical exercise
  • Don’t forget to incorporate either meditation or cool off periods for your brain after work/study

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Todd Marcus

Written by Todd Marcus

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