SAT Essay Samples | Low vs High-Scoring Examples

sat essay samples

The SAT Essay is often used as an extra way to impress admissions officers with your overall academic preparedness. But what does a good essay look like vs a bad one? To make life easier, the College Board has provided some helpful SAT essay samples that you can study over.…

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SAT Sections 101 | 5-Minute Rundown

If you're going back and forth between the SAT and ACT, let us help make your research a little easier. Here's a quick 5-minute rundown of the different SAT sections you'll face on test day. Besides the sections themselves, here's a primer on what the SAT itself measures. SAT Evidence-Based…

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PSAT vs SAT | Key Similarities and Differences

psat vs sat

So what exactly are the differences between the PSAT vs SAT? Are they basically the same test? Why do they even exist? We're often asked these questions, so let us take a moment to answer them now. Listed below are points about both tests, as well as similarities and differences…

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What Colleges Require SAT Essay Submission

what colleges require sat essay

Everyone knows that, in general, the SAT Essay is an optional section. The College Board doesn't require students to take it. However, some colleges actually do. What colleges require SAT essay scores is good information to have when sending out applications. The tables below clarify what colleges require SAT essay…

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SAT Essay Prompts | Real World Examples

sat essay prompts

The best way to get used to what you'll see on the SAT Essay is...seeing actual SAT Essay prompts and readings. So we have two official practice prompts for you to look at straight from the College Board. When tackling the SAT Essay, be mindful of these dos and don'ts…

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How To Prepare For The SAT | 8 Quick Tips

How to prepare for the SAT? Thousands of students ask themselves that question every year. The full answer is expansive, but these eight tips are a great place to start. While going through the SAT prep process, it's easy to get stressed out near the end though. If that happens,…

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New SAT Essay Score Breakdown

new sat essay score

Even though it's optional, we advise anyone taking the SAT to also write the essay. If you need to know what to shoot for score-wise, we have the grading and criteria for the new SAT essay score below. Here are the nuts and bolts of how the new SAT essay…

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20 Helpful SAT Test Tips In 5 Minutes

Once again, everybody loves lists. Everybody loves helpful tips. If you're thinking about taking the SAT but have no idea how to start preparing for it...then we've got you covered here with our own SAT test tips. Need a place to start preparing for the SAT? Here then are 20…

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SAT Essay Benefits You Should Consider

The SAT Essay is now optional for students to take. As a result, plenty of kids skip it altogether. However, there are some solid SAT Essay benefits to consider before choosing to skip it. Here are a few SAT Essay benefits to be aware of before choosing to skip it…

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SAT Essay Do’s and Don’ts

Despite being optional now, the SAT Essay provides a great opportunity for students to get used to college-level writing. Moreover, doing well on it will impress admissions boards, who see too many kids skip it altogether. However, there are some common SAT Essay do's and don'ts to follow when writing…

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