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The SAT Essay is now optional for students to take. As a result, plenty of kids skip it altogether. However, there are some solid SAT Essay benefits to consider before choosing to skip it.

Here are a few SAT Essay benefits to be aware of before choosing to skip it or not.

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sat essay benefits

You’re Covered For Every School

You can apply to every school out there without worry.

Going ahead and taking the SAT Essay means that, no matter which schools you apply to, you will have fulfilled their SAT requirements. If you apply to schools that require the Essay is completed, then you’re covered.

If you’re applying to schools that don’t require the Essay, then don’t worry. Moreover, it will show them your initiative, which we’ll discuss later. If you’re still putting together your list of dream schools, then doing the Essay gives you insurance that brings peace of mind with it.

A Good Score Will Help Boost Your Application

Doing the Essay can help distinguish you from the competition.

If you’re applying to a competitive school that doesn’t require the Essay, then doing it and submitting that score can beneficial to your application. The admissions board will see that you took the initiative and didn’t skip that section, even though doing poorly on it could hurt your final score.

If you’re looking to showcase strong English or writing skills, then the Essay presents that opportunity. You also demonstrate that you’re ready for higher-level challenges. However, don’t pin all of your hopes on the Essay if you score poorly elsewhere on the SAT.

Prepares You For College-Level Writing

Get ready for college work early with the Essay.

A lesson we teach students at Prep Expert is that the SAT (or ACT) Essay is great practice for higher-level writing. Once admitted, you will do a ton of writing in college.

Examples include:

  • Term papers
  • Essay assignments
  • Exam essay questions
  • Project presentations

Your professors will demand written work on par with your level of education. As such, anything that is written that lacks coherent arguments, clear evidence, or competent grammar/spelling will be poorly graded. Use the Essay section to practice skills that you’ll use a lot in college itself.

The Format Is Easy To Understand

The biggest step is understanding the prompt then analyzing it.

The SAT Essay is a straightforward assignment. You are presented with a short passage that has the following characteristics:

  • It presents an argument
  • Supports said argument with evidence and logic
  • Written for a broad audience

All you need to do is analyze the argument itself and discuss what devices the author uses to present his or her point to said audience.

There’s no need to formulate your own opinion or argument. As long as you can decipher the prompt’s argument and illustrate how it is made persuasive, the essay practically writes itself.

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