SAT Conversion To ACT | Quick Guide

sat conversion

The SAT and ACT are closer than ever, in terms of design and subject matter. However, the score scales are still different. Here then is a quick SAT conversion to ACT score guide to help understand scoring better. Here's a quick breakdown of why SAT scores can help you get…

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Do Colleges Prefer SAT or ACT Scores?

do colleges prefer sat or act

The SAT or ACT? Which one should I take? Do colleges prefer SAT or ACT scores? Again, we're asked these questions, a lot. Do colleges prefer SAT or ACT scores? Really, which one do they want more? Don't worry, we're here to answer those questions here. For further reference, here's…

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SAT vs ACT Major Differences

After the 2016 SAT redesign, both the SAT and ACT are closer than ever in terms of content and format. However, there are still a few key differences remaining between these two standardized test formats. Here are a few SAT vs ACT major differences to be aware of when considering…

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Should You Take The SAT and ACT

should you take the sat and act

We’ve had plenty of high school students message us and ask “should you take the SAT and ACT?” Because this is a common question with a not-so-simple answer, we wanted to take a minute now to address it once and for all to help you decide for yourself. Here are…

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Should Your Student Treat The ACT/SAT As A Class?

With the school year fast approaching, it’s time for your student to begin thinking about how to prepare for the ACT and/or SAT. One question that we regularly receive at Prep Expert and Synocate is: “Should my student treat the ACT and/or SAT the same as they do a class?”…

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