How To Send SAT Scores

how to send sat scores

Sending your SAT scores correctly is just as important as taking the test. You have to factor in where your scores have to go, how long it'll take for them to arrive, and which ones to send. Read below to learn how to send SAT scores to your target schools,…

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SAT Score Improvement Hacks

If you don't like your first SAT composite score, don't get mad. Get to studying. There's always room for SAT score improvement, as long as you put in the work for it. SAT score improvement is actually pretty easy to do; all you need is a gameplan and time to…

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Avoid These Common SAT Mistakes

When taking the SAT, it's normal to get nervous, no matter how much you've practiced beforehand. However, don't let that nervousness force you to make silly mistakes that will cost you dearly when your scores are calculated. Don't get tripped up by these very basic but common SAT mistakes on…

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The New SAT Adversity Score

The College Board, in an attempt to level the playing field among students, is rolling out its new "adversity score" nation-wide. The new SAT adversity score provides colleges and universities with information to evaluate applicants from underprivileged backgrounds. There is still room for improvement though. While reading this post, don't…

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Common SAT Essay Mistakes

While the SAT essay is no longer required, it's great practice for college itself and can help out on the test itself. Don't let common SAT essay mistakes trip you up when you're filling up the blank page with arguments and evidence. Don't forget to check out our various SAT…

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Common SAT Writing Mistakes

Don't let the revamped SAT Writing section trip you up on test day; it doesn't have to be a struggle to succeed. Here are a number of common SAT Writing mistakes that students often make but can be easily avoided. Take a minute to see how our SAT prep course…

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Common SAT Reading Mistakes

Test days make almost everyone nervous, especially SAT test days. As a result, it's all too easy to make simple mistakes that will bring your score down section by section. Don't get caught up on these easily avoidable but common SAT reading mistakes. Take a minute to check out our…

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5 Reasons To Take SAT Subject Tests

Besides the SAT itself, you can also take the SAT Subject Tests. These tests are administered by the College Board. Unlike the regular SAT, SAT Subject Tests focus on specific areas of interest. Here are five reasons to take the SAT Subject Tests. Don't forget to learn about our various…

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SAT No Calculator Tips For Success

Most people you run into don't like doing Math. Of that percentage, even less enjoy doing it without the aid of their trusty calculators. Unfortunately, when taking the SAT, there is a specific set of questions requiring you to do just that. Thankfully, we have the following SAT no calculator…

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SAT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines: 2019 & 2020

The table below contains all SAT test dates and deadlines through 2020.  We follow these dates closely when mapping out our SAT course schedules on a yearly basis because we know the value of planning ahead in test prep. [sat_one] THE SAT TEST DATES & REGISTRATION DEADLINES: 2019-2020 Date Registration…

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