Top 35 Questions To Ask Your College Counselor

If you’re a high school student or parents of one, college is a big deal with many questions. If you’re already planning on taking the SAT or ACT, our ACT prep and SAT prep course options will help you prepare. To help you prepare, here are the top 35 college…

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6 ACT Science Tips You Need To Know

act calculator

If you haven’t taken the ACT before, you might be a bit nervous about the Science test. After all, science is a tough subject for many, especially for more left-brained types. Nor is Science a subject that’s tested on the more well-known SAT. But, there’s no reason to panic: you…

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7 ACT Reading Tips You Need to Know

Many students dread the ACT Reading test. After the brain drain of the English and Math tests, the Reading test requires you to read four 600-800 word passages, and answer 40 questions, in a breakneck 35 minutes. It’s a challenge—but the good news is, there are steps you can take…

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Should You Study For The SAT & ACT At The Same Time?

We're often asked "should I study for both the SAT and the ACT at the same time" by students. The answer may surprise you. You should pick one of the two tests and study exclusively for it. While you do, you will essentially be studying for both at the same…

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