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Where Is The Best Place To Study?

Studying is hard enough on its own without having to fend off distractions. Many students struggle to find a study environment that minimizes distractions and enables them to fully focus on their work. Home often is not a viable option due to siblings, parents, pets, and the undeniable urge to close the books and take a nap.

So, where is the best place to study? Is there any way to escape life’s distractions long enough to truly focus on an entire study session and make the most of it? Of course. Pack up and head to the library!

Join us as we explore the downsides of trying to study at home, the advantages of studying at the library, and several other locations that may be useful study environments depending on your unique learning style.

Downsides of Studying at Home

You may be tempted to study for your exams from the comfort of your home. However, that comfort is part of the reason why you might want to avoid doing your work at home, especially in bed. Not only is your bed comfortable, but it is a place where your body is used to relaxing. If you try to study in bed, you may find yourself dozing off partially out of habit. Chances are, even when you do manage to stay awake, your brain will not be as alert and responsive as it would be while studying in other areas.

Aside from the tempting allure of sleep, home also brings with it a multitude of distractions. Siblings, parents, and pets can easily disrupt your focus and provide opportunities to justify procrastination. You might go have a chat with your parents, get sucked into helping your siblings, or play with your dog for a little too long. Spending quality time with family is important, but it takes a lot of discipline to avoid the distractions of home life and study efficiently.

In addition to family members, the home environment has other distractions like various devices and activities. Even just within your room, you might have your phone, laptop, and TV at your disposal. While technology can be a great resource while studying, it can also be an immense distraction. Checking your phone every few minutes or devoting half your attention to a TV show may interrupt your focus, causing you to drag your study session out longer than needed. 

At home, you may be tempted to procrastinate with other tasks like retrieving a snack or tidying your room. These are important tasks to complete, but when you really need to buckle down and study for an upcoming exam, they can pull your focus away from your main goal, disrupting your study schedule.

Why the Library is the Best Place to Study

The library is one of the best places to study because it’s also one of the most boring places. You don’t go to the library to socialize with friends or relax and watch a movie. In fact, you can’t talk to others much at all unless you need help from a librarian. This fact alone removes many of the distractions you would find at home like family members and pets.

You can also limit your use of technology at the library. You won’t have access to your TV, and you can’t watch videos on your phone or laptop without using headphones out of courtesy for others. This should make it easier to set your phone aside and focus on the task in front of you.

Resources are another major benefit of studying in the library. Not only are there rows and rows of books on countless subjects at your disposal, but you can also access technology that might not be available at home like computers, copiers, and WiFi. Librarians are an excellent resource as well. They can help you locate information quickly so you don’t waste time searching.

In essence, choosing to study at the library forces you to focus by creating an environment where you can do little else besides study. You can’t socialize or distract yourself with other tasks because there are no other tasks available. 

Theoretically, you could spend your time in the library watching videos on your phone, but the chairs aren’t the most comfortable. Wouldn’t you rather knock out your studying for the day efficiently without interruptions then head home to relax in the comfort of your room?

Other Places to Study

If you don’t have access to a public library or you’re simply interested in mixing up your study locations from time to time, here are a few other options to consider.

Coffee Shop

For students who study best with a snack, hydration, and the quiet hum of background noise, a coffee shop may be a suitable choice for studying. You might want to plan your study sessions strategically to avoid the busiest times of day or take breaks when the next rush flocks in. 

Remember, there will inevitably be some level of distractions and noise in even the smallest of coffee shops, so students who can only study effectively in extremely quiet environments may want to choose a different option.

Empty Classroom

Universities often leave classrooms unlocked for use by students after classes conclude for the day. If your favorite spot in the library is taken or if you’re looking to study with a small group of people, these empty rooms can be a great resource. You might even be able to write out information on whiteboards or chalkboards as long as you have permission and remember to clean up when you’re finished. 

Some schools may ask you to reserve rooms ahead of time, so keep that in mind as you plan out your study sessions.

Local Park

Take advantage of nice weather by heading outside to study. You may run into distractions like kids playing nearby or dogs barking, but you should be able to find a relatively quiet spot to get some work done. If you do choose to take your studying outdoors, be sure to dress appropriately. Being too cold or too warm may distract you from your studies.

Book Store

Similar to the library, a book store is another calm and relatively quiet environment for studying. Book stores won’t have as many resources as the library, and they may be a little more distracting with people coming and going or talking, but you should be able to study well if you can find a secluded table for yourself in a reading area.

Free from most types of distractions and full of resources, the library is without a doubt one of the best options when you want to study as effectively and efficiently as possible. However, it all comes down to your personal preference and unique study habits. Students learn differently, so pay attention to the type of environment that helps you do your best studying and take steps to prioritize that setting as you prepare for important exams.

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