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ACT Private Tutoring Tips

Preparing for the ACT by yourself is time-consuming and you may not be improving as much as possible without help. That’s why it doesn’t hurt getting a private tutor. It isn’t cheap but the one-on-one help will improve your official ACT score. Use these ACT private tutoring tips when working with an instructor for the best results.

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Meet With The Tutor First

Before deciding to go with a particular tutor, do an interview first.

Private tutoring isn’t cheap. It costs time and a lot of money normally. Before you pull the trigger, it’s important to meet first and go over a few things:

  • Experience teaching the ACT
  • Previous ACT scores
  • General education level and credentials (if available)
  • How the tutor has worked with previous students

From there, you can discuss what the general game plan is to help get a student ready for the test. Every student’s needs are different, but you should get a basic idea of how the tutor operates.

Get A Baseline Score

Once you start working with a tutor, get a baseline ACT score as early as possible.

The easiest way is taking a full ACT practice test. This score will help you in three ways:

  • Establishes your current test-taking ability
  • Finds problem areas to fix
  • Helps you set score goals

When you receive your results, go over them in detail. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which sections are giving me the most trouble?
  • What kinds of questions are giving me the most trouble?
  • Am I finishing each section?
  • Am I finishing the entire test before time runs out?

The answers should help your tutor build your lesson plans. Understand that doing well on the ACT isn’t just about knowing the subject matter.

It’s also about knowing how the ACT is formatted too. A tutor will guide you through test-taking strategies for the format.


Put Together A Game Plan And Lesson Schedule

The next big step is laying out a plan.

Follow these steps:

  • Determine your actual test date
  • Work out a weekly study plan

The more time out you can find a test date, the more time you’ll have to practice and prepare for each section. Try to give yourself at least 6 to 8 weeks before a test date for tutoring sessions.

A big thing to consider is how many tutoring hours you have to work with too. That number will determine how many sessions per week to have before a test date. In general, shoot for at least 1-2 hours of instruction per week.

More than that and you’ll risk burnout. After instruction, you can work on homework and practicing. Make sure to not skip any sessions if possible.

Also, shoot for a specific score goal for the ACT. The easiest way is researching your dream schools and finding out what ACT scores they look for from applicants.

Every admissions office website page will present that information to you. Now you know exactly where your score has to be.

Check Your Weekly Progress

After a week’s worth of instruction and homework, take another practice test.

Why? Because you need to see how you’re responding to the tutoring help.

Once again, follow this process:

  • Take a practice test under timed conditions
  • Grade each section to come up with scores
  • Compare your new scores with the old ones
  • See what kinds of questions you’re still getting wrong

When receiving ACT tutoring, you’ll notice that major point gains happen right away. This is because you’re fixing the more obvious mistakes first. This improvement boosts your score fast.

However, as time goes on, your point improvements will get smaller. It doesn’t mean you aren’t getting better on the test.

If just means that there’s only so much more room you can improve with tutoring help. That’s why it’s good to see if your practice scores are matching your score goals.


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Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

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