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What To Do If Your Child’s December SAT Score Was Not Great

Today, December SAT scores were released! We love score day because so many students send us e-mails and text messages about how well they did on the SAT. Unfortunately, score day does leave some students disappointed.


If your child did not score well on the December SAT, you need to quickly come up with a game plan on what to do next. Here’s my recommendation:

High School Seniors

If your child is a high school senior who scored poorly on the December SAT, you really only have one option left at this point: take the January 23rd SAT exam. Although this exam is after the application deadline of many colleges, most colleges will still accept the January SAT scores with your application. You simply need to select to have College Board send your January SAT score directly to the colleges you are applying to so that they can add your January SAT score to your application.


In order to prepare for the January SAT, I recommend joining my current Dec-Jan SAT Prep Course (although you’ve missed the first 3 classes, there are still 9 left, and we can e-mail you video recordings of classes you missed). Alternatively, winter break is also a good time to do some Private SAT Tutoring to focus on weak areas, especially since students aren’t busy with high school right now.

High School Juniors

Your child is in luck! It is now time to start focusing not the New SAT coming out in March 2016. We’re getting a lot of great feedback from students about our new material for this test. In addition, students are finding the 2016 New SAT much easier for a number of reasons: no obscure vocabulary, only 4 answer choices (as opposed to 5 previously), no penalty for guessing, and more time to answer each question.

If you have taken the 2400 Expert course before, you will be well-prepared to learn our new material for the 2016 New SAT. Many of the strategies are still the same, especially since the subjects tested are still the same: Math, Reading, Writing, and Essay.

I would recommend enrolling in either the Jan-Feb Online New SAT Prep Course taught by me or a Jan-Feb New SAT Prep Course in your local area (we have 20 locations across the USA). These classes will prepare students for the first administration of the New SAT, which I believe will have a better curve than usual since most students taking this exam will not be prepared for it!


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Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

Written by Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

Prep Expert Founder & CEO

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