SAT Success – Student Scores 1500 On SATs

Just this summer, a graduate of our Online SAT Prep Class, Riley W., scores a solid 1500 on his SATs. He wrote to tell us about his experience and his plans for the future. Please take a moment to read Riley’s letter below.


Hi Shaan,

My name is Riley W. and I was a student in one of your online SAT prep classes earlier this year. Inspired by entrepreneurs like you, my classmates and I organized a local speaker series in Portland, Oregon on business and entrepreneurship. As we listened to our speakers onstage, we realized our speaker series model is scalable, and formed Tile.

Tile is an organization that provides all of the resources necessary for high schoolers to start their own speaker series anywhere in the world. People can set up a chapter in their community and use our techniques to book speakers and secure event spaces. Currently, we have chapters in Portland, South Dakota, and on the Purdue campus, and aim to add many more and make the knowledge of successful entrepreneurs accessible to everyone.

Since you’ve influenced my classmates and I in our journey to become entrepreneurs, I was wondering if you could give us a shout-out on your blog or connect us to someone who would be interested in what we are doing.

Thank you,

Riley W.


Thank you Riley for the kind words, we wish you the best of luck on continuing your education and the new organization you have founded, Tile. We look forward to seeing and hearing great things from you!


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