ACT Conversion To SAT | How To Guide

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After recent redesigns, the ACT and SAT are almost identical today. Both cover the same overall subject matter and look similar to each other. However, they both operate on two very different point scales. Here is a quick and easy ACT conversion to ACT score guide. A major question we…

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SAT vs ACT: Which Exam Should You Take

Every high school student looking to attend college eventually asks themselves, “SAT or ACT?” Let’s be honest; there are a lot of factors to consider and knowing the amount of time it can take to prepare for one, you should be clear about where you want to focus. Let’s help…

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How Is Common Core Affecting The SAT/ACT

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Common Core’s widespread adoption has unintentionally weakened the ACT and SAT, by ignoring desired college-level skills like critical thinking in favor of straightforward data analysis. By overemphasizing “real-world application” versus academic rigor, Common Core’s effect on both the SAT and ACT could leave students less prepared for college and career more…

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Should You Take The SAT Or The ACT?

You might be wondering which test you should take, the SAT or ACT? This is a question we get a lot here at Prep Expert, and there are several different answers that can apply. The tests are slightly different, particularly when it comes to science questions and calculator usage, but…

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What’s The Highest SAT Score You Can Get?

should you take the sat and act

Originally, the SAT was scored out of 1600 possible points up until the mid-2000s, where it was bumped up to 2400 points. However, the SAT recently reverted back to its original scoring. Part of the reason for this stems from the College Board constantly updating the test to keep it accurate for the…

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Should You Study For The SAT & ACT At The Same Time?

We're often asked "should I study for both the SAT and the ACT at the same time" by students. The answer may surprise you. In this article, I will explain and offer you a plan to take advantage of the ability to study for both the SAT and the ACT…

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Free SAT Prep Tip: Should You Take the ACT or SAT?

Don't know whether you should take the ACT or SAT? Watch this short video to make a decision! [sat_one] For more test strategy, college admissions, and scholarship application tips sign up for our FREE class happening right now!

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Why I Only Studied For the SAT & Didn’t Even Look at the ACT

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One of the most common questions that we get asked at 2400 Expert is “Should I take the SAT, ACT, or both?” [sat_one] High school counselors typically advise students to take both exams and see which one a student does better on. However, I do not agree with this advice.…

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How Much Do SAT & ACT Prep Courses Cost?

[sat_one] SAT prep and ACT prep can vary from free to $1000+/hour for some of the most expensive private tutors. Here is a breakdown of the cost of 3 of the biggest SAT prep and ACT prep courses. 1. Prep Expert Total Cost - $599 Course Hours - 60 Cost…

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Is Your Child’s SAT/ACT Score or GPA More Important To College Admissions?

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GPA or SAT/ACT score? We're asked this question a lot by parents and students. Let's take a quick look at why one of these metrics is definitely more important to college admissions boards that the other. [sat_one] Which One Do You Think Is More Important? Your child’s GPA or SAT/ACT…

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