How Much Do SAT & ACT Prep Courses Cost?


How Much Do SAT & ACT Prep Courses Cost?

SAT prep and ACT prep can vary from free to $1000+/hour for some of the most expensive private tutors. Here is a breakdown of the cost of 3 of the biggest SAT prep and ACT prep courses.

1. Prep Expert

Total Cost – $599
Course Hours – 60
Cost Per Hour – $10/Hour

2. Princeton Review 

Total Cost – $699
Course Hours – 18
Cost Per Hour – $39/Hour

3. Kaplan Test Prep

Total Cost – $699
Course Hours – 34
Cost Per Hour – $21/Hour


Of course, SAT prep and ACT prep is not cheap. However, the return on investment is incredible.

For example, a Prep Expert student recently received $1.4 million in college scholarships after improving his SAT score through our SAT prep course – a 200,000% return on investment.

Even if your child receives just one college scholarship due to his or her SAT/ACT score, the money is made back. Not to mention, we have a score improvement money-back guarantee!


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