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Colleges That Require SAT Subject Tests

Besides the ACT and SAT, you can also use SAT Subject Test scores to help you get into college. The question is which schools actually require them versus ones that are just helpful. Here then are colleges that require SAT subject tests.

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Colleges That Require SAT Subject Tests


At these schools, you’ll have to take SAT Subject Tests.

There are a few exceptions where you can substitute the ACT instead. Colleges that require a subject test normally ask for just one. However, more selective schools will ask for two subject tests.


In these cases, the choice is up to you.

You aren’t forced to take an SAT Subject Test. However, if you have a low regular SAT score, then it’s not a bad idea to also submit high Subject Test scores. Unless it looks like an obvious outlier, college admissions officials will appreciate you taking on the extra challenge and succeeding.


At these schools, Subject Test scores aren’t expected but are examined if submitted.

If you’re trying to get into a particular program or have a strong interest in a subject, then this is an opportunity to send those scores in. They’ll demonstrate your keen interest and focus on digging into this area in college.


These schools have the most flexible options.

Their policies tend to allow for a wide variety of test score submissions. Again, have a weak SAT score but strong Subject Test scores? Send all of them in. It won’t hurt your chances.

College Category
Amherst College Considered
Barnard College Considered
Boston College Considered
Boston University Considered (Req for Special Programs)
Bowdoin College Considered (Req for students who were homeschooled)
Brown University Recommended
Bucknell University Considered
California Institute of Technology Required
Carleton College Considered
Carnegie Mellon University Recommended for most programs
Claremont McKenna Considered
Colby College Alternative
College of the Holy Cross Considered
Colorado College Alternative
Columbia University Considered
Connecticut College Considered
Cooper Union Required (Engineering Only)
Cornell University Required (Arts and Sciences and Engineering only)
Dartmouth College Recommended
Davidson College Considered
Duke University Recommended
Emory University Recommended (Req for homeschooled applicants)
Franklin Olin College of Engineering Considered
George Washington University Considered (Req Special Programs)
Georgetown University Recommended
Hamilton College Alternative
Harvard College Required
Harvey Mudd College Required
Ithaca College Considered
Johns Hopkins University Considered
Lafayette College Recommended
Lehigh University Recommended
Macalester College Considered
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Required
McGill University Required
Middlebury College Alternative
Mills College Considered (Required for homeschooled applicants)
New York University Alternative
Northwestern University Considered
Oberlin College Considered
Occidental College Considered
Pomona College Considered (Recommended for homeschooled applicants)
Pratt Institute Considered (Req Architecture)
Princeton University Recommended
Reed College Considered
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Considered (Req for Special Programs)
Rice University Required
Smith College Considered
Stanford University Considered
Stevens Institute of Technology Considered (Req for Special Programs)
Swarthmore College Considered
Tufts University Required
Union College Considered (Req for Special Programs)
University of California, Berkeley Recommended
University of California, Davis Considered
University of California, Irvine Recommended
University of California, Los Angeles Recommended for Specific Programs
University of California, Merced Considered
University of California, Riverside Recommended for Specific Programs
University of California, San Diego Recommended for Specific Programs
University of California, Santa Barbara Recommended for Specific Programs
University of California, Santa Cruz Considered
University of Chicago Considered
University of Georgia Recommended
University of Miami Considered (Req for Special Programs)
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Considered
University of Notre Dame Considered
University of Pennsylvania Considered
University of Rochester Alternative
University of Southern California Optional (Req for homeschooled students)
University of Virginia Considered
Vanderbilt University Considered
Vassar College Considered
Wake Forest University Considered
Washington and Lee University Considered
Washington University in St. Louis Considered
Webb Institute Required
Wellesley College Considered
Wesleyan University Considered
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Considered
Yale University Recommended

This is only scratching the surface when it comes to colleges that require SAT Subject Tests. For more information, always contact the schools you’re interested in via their admissions websites for detail


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