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6 Time Management Tips for Online SAT Prep Students

Online SAT prep courses give students an incredible amount of flexibility with their schedules, but with this kind of freedom, some students may find it difficult to stay on track. It’s easy to put off coursework without deadlines, but in online SAT courses this habit can dramatically affect your final score. The following are some methods for self-discipline and time management.


Create a weekly schedule on paper.

Outlining your normal activities and marking times to dedicate to study and coursework. Successful online students report that they dedicate 2-3 hours of their time to the course for each hour of lessons they have.

Use a course calendar to mark coursework deadlines.

If the course or the instructor doesn’t require deadlines for any of the material, set deadlines for your coursework and stick to them.

Use extra time during the day to work on studies.

There are always moments in life when you’re sitting idle. Bringing study materials along with you to find opportunities like lunch hours, waiting in lines or offices, commuting, work breaks, and so on for extra study time.

Try to work ahead.

Keeping up with coursework and working ahead can give more flexibility if and when life events interfere or emergencies occur. If nothing else, getting ahead will give you some moments to relax towards the end of the course.


Make study time at least a half an hour long.

This length of time without interruptions will encourage more in-depth learning and retention of material. To keep from interrupting yourself with peeks at the clock, you can set a timer for the length of time you’ve dedicated to study.

Don’t battle problems

If a section of coursework is giving you trouble, put it away and try again later when your mind is fresh. If it’s still giving you problems, don’t waste time chewing it over yourself. The instructor and your fellow students are valuable sources of information and assistance.

Online SAT courses take dedication to be successful. Students may have the interest and motivation to excel in a certain online course subject, but without good time management, they may still find themselves underperforming. Keeping these time management tips in mind can help students stay on the road to obtaining the perfect SAT score.


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Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

Written by Dr. Shaan Patel MD MBA

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