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AP Exams 2020 Security Policies

Again, if you didn’t know, the 2020 AP exams are open book. However, don’t assume you can just cheat. Here are the AP exams’ 2020 security policies.

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AP Exams 2020 Security Approach To This Year’s Tests

For students thinking about trying to cheat on the upcoming 2020 AP Exams, the College Board has thought ahead to counter that problem.

Some of their methods are being kept secret right now, in order to prevent any circumvention. However, they’ve publicly-listed other measures to reassure the public about exam security.

Exam Design Changes For Security

The exam format and questions are redesigned specifically for at-home administration.

  • Points will not be earned from material that can be easily found either online or in textbooks.
  • Each subject’s specific exam will be taken on the same day at the exact same time, worldwide. This way, there’s no chance for questions to leak early to test takers.
  • Students are required to verify their identities before taking the test, and also confirm that the answers submitted are their own.

Plagiarism Detection Plans

The College Board will use a number of digital security tools and methods to maintain the exams’ integrity.

  • Again, not every method is being publicly shared right now but announced tools include:
    • Plagiarism detection software,
    • Post-administration analytics tools.
  • These strategies, coupled with the simultaneous test administrations, should cut down on opportunities for students to cheat.
  • Every test taker’s AP instructor will also receive copies of student-submitted work as well.
    • Teachers will be able to spot any inconsistencies with previously submitted assignments, thereby signaling potential cheating.

Exam Security Breach Consequences

Here is what to expect if you or your student is caught cheating.

  • Students that submit work that mirrors other student submissions or exact online content will have their scores canceled.
  • Students who share or receive exam questions/responses, or actively try to gain an unfair advantage, will be blocked from testing or have their scores immediately canceled.
    • This also includes communicating or helping each other in-person or online.
  • Students found to have gained an unfair advantage on the AP exams will also have their high schools and prospective colleges notified as well.
    • This also includes schools that these students also submitted their SAT scores to. Those schools can choose to take whatever necessary disciplinary actions as they see fit.
  • Students found to have an unfair advantage may also be prohibited from taking other College Board-sponsored tests including:
    • SAT
    • SAT Subject Tests
    • CLEP assessments
  • In extreme cases, the College Board also reserves the right to inform law enforcement of any incident to determine if prosecution of the test taker or accomplices is warranted.

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