Kyra F’s Prep Expert Success Story

When it comes to preparing for either the SAT or ACT, so much time and energy goes into getting ready and actually taking the test, that afterward, it’s easy to forget to look back and recognize how that high score actually ends up helping out.

That’s why we want to take another moment to recognize the achievements of current college student Kyra F., who utilized our classes and has become another Prep Expert success story because of it.

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prep expert success story

Meet Prep Expert Success Story Student Kyra F.

Kyra first came to us looking for help.

Former Prep Expert student Kyra F. first came to us with a 1080 SAT score. Kyra and her parents definitely believed that she could do better with help, and found that there was still time to take the test again before applying to colleges. After doing the research, they made the decision to sign up for one of our proven SAT courses.

When asked about what about our class helped her out the most on test day, Kyra offered this simple but important answer, “…how to take the test in an effective manner.” In truth, that is a real advantage Prep Expert’s courses offer – how to approach each test section with speed and confidence.


Why? Because you’ve spent weeks going over every major concept and problem type that you’ll face when the clock starts ticking. Once you’re told to begin, you’ll understand what you need to do, how long you’ll have to do it and won’t second-guess yourself.

How Kyra’s Hard Work Paid Off

After signing up for the course and putting in the time, work, and practice, it was finally time for Kyra to take the SAT again.

This time though, the results would be in her favor; Kyra ended up attaining a final score of 1250 – a 170 point improvement! With that new and improved score in hand, Alanis applied to and was accepted by Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. The private university is well-known for its media majors, which was a perfect fit for Kyra as she is currently in the school’s Broadcast Media Production program.

Helping her cover the costs of that private university education is the over $90 thousand dollars in scholarship money that should cover the bulk of her costs. There’s little doubt that the SAT score increase helped secure that much funding.

Moving forward, Kyra’s goal is to graduate and pursue broadcast media as her career. Given the increasing fast changes in today’s media landscape, it’s not hard to imagine Kyra thriving and becoming the next major media sensation or content producer.


Kyra’s Final Piece Of Advice

Kyra’s tip is simple but applies to anyone who takes our courses.

When asked for a final piece of advice for current and prospective students, Kyra had only this to say, “…listen to the how to take the test strategies.” Simple as that, but definitely good advice to follow. Kyra again is only one example of the many students Prep Expert has worked with over the years that have found success from using our strategies. Do you have your own story to share?

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