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SAT Private Tutor Tips

If studying for the SAT by yourself is too tough or time-consuming, then consider getting a private tutor. It won’t be cheap but the extra attention will help improve your score. Follow our SAT private tutor tips when working with one to maximize your results.

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Analyze Your Weak And Strong Areas

Use a score analysis to determine what to work on first.

Successful SAT private tutor sessions help fix test sections bringing your composite score down. A regular SAT score report (if you’ve already taken it) provides section scores so it’s easy to see where to start.

Take a full practice test under exam conditions before beginning lessons too. Your tutor will have fresh data on:

  • What specific question types you’re having trouble with
  • What your answering pace is
  • How well you take the test itself

This information helps the tutor work out:

  • Content Lessons
  • Practice Testing Goals
  • Additional Coaching as needed

Don’t forget to review your strong sections too. It’s easy to focus on what you’re getting wrong only. The problem is you end up ignoring what you’re already strong at.

Over time, those skills weaken without active practice. When you miss practice test questions, don’t just go over the right answer. Go over why it’s the right answer and how to find it.

Set Your Score Goals

The next important step is giving yourself a target to go after.

Once you have your baseline score, it’s time to see how much you need to improve. There are a couple of strategies that help everyone out:

  • Dream School Admission Scores
  • Scholarship Goals

To figure out Dream School Admission Scores:

  • Make a list of your target schools
  • Go online to their online admissions information pages
  • Write down their SAT score rages for applicants


Right there, you know that you don’t have to get a perfect SAT score. You just have to get a score that lines up with what they’re looking for.

For scholarships:

  • Go online and research ones you want to apply to early
  • Find their application guidelines
  • Keep an eye out for specific test scores

If they clearly state you have to a specific SAT score, then you know what you need. Also, don’t be afraid to set specific section score goals.

If a school has a clear cutoff for certain SAT section scores, do your research and write them down. These numbers will help you and your tutor focus your attention better.

Lay Out A Plan And Schedule

The next big step is laying out a plan.

Follow these steps:

  • Determine your actual test date
  • Work out a weekly study plan

The more time out you can find a test date, the more time you’ll have to practice and prepare for each section. Try to give yourself at least 6 to 8 weeks before a test date for tutoring sessions.

A big thing to consider is how many tutoring hours you have to work with too. That number will determine how many sessions per week to have before a test date.

In general, shoot for at least 1-2 hours of instruction per week. More than that and you’ll risk burnout.

After instruction, you can work on homework and practicing. Make sure to not skip any sessions if possible.

Work On Homework And Practice Tests

Practice, practice, practice…and practice some more.

Between tutoring lessons, you need weekly assignments to reinforce the help you’re receiving on questions. These assignments should help you practice strategies and tips to answer questions fast but correctly.

Ideally, at the end of every week, you should take a full practice test:

  • It’ll make progress easier to track with every section improvement
  • It’ll point out where you’re still making mistakes

You can see how far away you are from your target score goals too. Remember these key points when working with a tutor:

  • SAT questions include traps, so practice reading them carefully and don’t assume
  • There is only one right answer to every question, so work on your process of elimination skill


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