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SAT Test Anxiety Strategies

Feeling nervous about taking the SAT? It’s ok, that’s natural. However, if you don’t know how to relax, use these SAT test anxiety strategies to calm down.

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3 Helpful SAT Test Anxiety Strategies To Use

Try Meditation Exercises

Meditation is a helpful method to relieve stress and calm your nerves for any kind of anxiety.

However, it takes time to use it effectively. With practice though, it’ll get easier and comfortable. Many studies show meditation is a helpful tool for improving focus and centering one’s self.

When meditating, make mindfulness your goal. The key is working through all of your anxieties in order to be in the moment. Here’s a quick process to start:

  • Find a calm place to sit and relax
  • Focus on breathing in and out alone
  • Focus on the breathing at the moment to empty your mind

If the process doesn’t work instantly for you, don’t worry. It’s a process that can’t be rushed for results. Keep practicing and staying positive in the process.

Research The Test Itself Beforehand

Understand what you’re facing beforehand.

Before taking the SAT, learn everything you can about it. Take practice tests under realistic timing.

Better yet, take practice tests on Saturday mornings in a library. Why? Because the test dates are normally administered Saturday mornings in public testing centers.

These conditions will train your mind to get used to this time frame and surroundings. Break down each section’s subject matter and question types.

Ultimately, your anxiety is reduced when you know what’s coming your way. Now simply answer the questions in front of you.

Use Diet And Exercise For Conditioning

Make your body strong to support your mind.

Exercise is a great stress reliever. When your brain is anxious from extended SAT test prep sessions, go for a walk or other physical activity.

The physical exertion eliminates excessive energy and recenters your mind. Moreover, use a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats to maintain energy levels.

A balanced diet powers the brain both before, and during, the test effectively. On the morning of the test, eat a healthy breakfast to boost your energy level and make your brain immediately alert.


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