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We just launched an online SAT Prep course for the New SAT taught by me. And for a limited time, you can access a free 7-day trial of the course!


The 2400 Expert On Demand New SAT Course is a 30-hour video course in which I teach students 100 strategies that they need to know for the New SAT coming out in March of 2016. Here is some of what students will learn in the course:

  • An SAT Essay template for the New SAT Essay
  • Sample copies of New SAT Essays that I personally wrote
  • The most powerful strategy for SAT Math
  • The most powerful strategy for SAT Reading
  • The most powerful strategy for SAT Writing
  • Why the New SAT is the easiest version of the SAT
  • How to win $100,000+ in scholarships from your PSAT score
  • The one item students must memorize for the SAT
  • How to effectively study for the New SAT and other standardized exams
  • How to approach SAT Reading and SAT Writing passages
  • How to solve every SAT Math questions without a calculator


Do not miss your opportunity to take this online SAT prep course for free! Sign up at the link below to get instant access:

Free 7-Day Trial of the 2400 Expert New SAT Online Prep Course


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