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National Merit PSAT Cutoff Scores Class of 2020

Every state has its own PSAT score cutoff for the National Merit Scholarship. Here are the National Merit PSAT cutoff scores for the class of 2020.

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National Merit PSAT Cutoff Scores Class of 2020

State Class of 2020 Cutoff Score
Alabama 216
Alaska 213
Arizona 219
Arkansas 214
California 222
Colorado 220
Connecticut 221
Delaware 220
DC 223
Florida 219
Georgia 220
Hawaii 219
Idaho 215
Illinois 221
Indiana 218
Iowa 215
Kansas 218
Kentucky 217
Louisiana 215
Maine 215
Maryland 222
Massachusetts 223
Michigan 219
Minnesota 219
Mississippi 214
Missouri 217
Montana 214
Nebraska 216
Nevada 218
New Hampshire 218
New Jersey 223
New Mexico 213
New York 221
North Carolina 219
North Dakota 212
Ohio 218
Oklahoma 214
Oregon 220
Pennsylvania 220
Rhode Island 218
South Carolina 215
South Dakota 214
Tennessee 219
Texas 221
Utah 215
Vermont 216
Virginia 222
Washington 222
West Virginia 212
Wisconsin 216
Wyoming 212

PSAT Quick To-Do List

If you want to take the PSAT for a National Merit Scholarship, then take the following steps.

  • Take the PSAT by your junior year of high school.
  • Enroll in high school full-time and be on course for graduation.
  • Make sure that you’re a United States citizen. If not, then have a residency application on file.

Keep in mind, every state cutoff score changes from year to year. However, this list gives an idea of where your, or your student’s, score needs to be for National Merit Scholarship consideration.

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