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SAT vs ACT Scores Comparison Tables

In 2018, The College Board and ACT came together and created new concordance tables designed to help educators, parents, and students compare official SAT and ACT scores.

These updated tables are now considered the official reference source when comparing SAT and ACT scores since they were last released in 2016.

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SAT Total Vs ACT Composite Scores Comparison

When comparing your SAT total score vs a potential ACT composite (if you took that test instead) refer to the numbers below.

sat vs act scores


SAT Math Vs ACT Mathematics Scores Comparison

When looking at equivalent scores between the SAT’s revamped Math section and the ACT’s Mathematics question, the guide below will help.
sat vs act scores


SAT ERW Vs ACT English+Reading Scores

Finally, check out how the SAT and ACT’s equivalent English section scores correspond to one another in this final chart.
sat vs act scores


How To Use As A High School Student

As a high school student, here are how these tables will provide the most value for you right now:

  • If you are debating which test to take, these charts will show you what scores you need to hit when deciding where to apply for college.
  • If you apply to schools that provide “middle 50%” score information (meaning scores from the 25th percentile through the 75th percentile), you can see how strong your chances of being accepted are, if your score falls within that range, no matter the test.


Key Points To Remember

Here are a couple of key points to remember when using these tables, according to the College Board itself:

  • A concorded score is not a perfect prediction of how a student would perform on the other test.
  • Concorded scores should be interpreted as the scores with the same rank within a group of students who take the tests at approximately the same time.

sat to iq

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